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Mighty Deals Triples Weekly Offers by Streamlining Contracts

mighty deals_logo (2)Generating content every 24 hours is a must for “daily deal” businesses, so a manual client contract process that can take up to a week is a problem. That’s why Mighty Deals has implemented Adobe EchoSign.

The more deals Mighty Deals markets on its website in the United Kingdom, the more potential for revenue. So the company combined its system with Adobe EchoSign to create consistent documentation and expedite its document signing and contracting process.

“Integrating EchoSign with Salesforce has dramatically boosted our productivity,” says Laurence Hall, Salesforce administrator at Mighty Deals. “With contracts signed in minutes instead of days, we’ve gone from publishing 40–50 deals per week to 120.”

Once the sales team enters information into Salesforce, one mouse click sends contracts to clients via Adobe EchoSign for electronic signature. Because many clients are repeat customers, new contracts can be delivered in seconds, enabling rapid turnaround. Plus, the integration of Adobe EchoSign and Salesforce automatically captures and updates records and data, enabling the sales team to focus on closing business.

See how Mighty Deals tripled their weekly offers here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

Categories: Customer Showcase

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