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University of Georgia Steps into the Future with Adobe

As one of America’s most historical colleges, the University of Georgia is steeped in tradition. But that doesn’t stop them from innovating across departments, from human resources to information technology.

The Denver Broncos’ Game Plan for Business Efficiency: E-signatures

With hundreds of sponsorship and suite agreements being made every year, the Denver Broncos needed a way to tackle the paperwork. They chose e-signatures from EchoSign.

Jan 23, 2015 /Release News /

Today’s New EchoSign Update Makes Electronic Signatures Even Easier

Fast, flexible and highly secure. Our January release features improved UI, auto-save and integration with Office 365. And that’s not all…

Jobsite Chases Talent, Not Paper

When you work to take the hassle out of job hunting, you can’t afford the hassle of paperwork. Recruitment company, Jobsite, closes their clients faster with Adobe EchoSign.

Impellam Group Grows Trust on a Global Scale

Top U.K. recruitment company simplifies signature workflows, adding efficiency and transparency with Adobe EchoSign.

Nov 24, 2014 /Fun Facts/Sales /

Close More Deals This Holiday Season by Going Mobile

Regardless of where you and your customers will physically be this holiday season, you can still keep business moving forward – from anywhere.