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Say Media Powers through Legal Documents with Adobe EchoSign


Can you stretch one lawyer far enough to cover 100 million readers a month? Say Media did by using Adobe EchoSign.

Say Media is the Internet publishing and advertising company behind fashion, technology, and lifestyle websites like xoJane, ReadWrite, Dogster, and The Kitchn. Between advertisers and editorial contributors, Say Media handles dozens of waivers, agreements, and contracts each day. That might be too much for some lawyers, but Say Media associate general counsel Jason Crain can tackle it all with help from Adobe EchoSign.

“EchoSign creates automated workflows that dramatically reduce the amount of hands-on work for Say Media,” he says. “Through increased efficiency and productivity, we’re able to grow our business without increasing our overhead.”

Crain drafts templates, which are tagged and uploaded to Adobe EchoSign, where other users can customize them and distribute them for electronic signature. When signed copies are returned, they are automatically forwarded to the company’s legal department, where Crain can use simple email tools for archiving or forwarding them for additional work. Say Media is also integrating Adobe EchoSign with its tools to automate contracting for advertisements.

“By reducing the amount of time spent on data entry, we enable sales staff to focus on achieving more contacts and making more sales,” Crain says.

Learn more about Say Media’s use of Adobe EchoSign here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

Categories: Customer Showcase, SalesForce

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