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June 10, 2013 /Release News /

Sign Offline, Anywhere, Anytime with Updated EchoSign iOS App

Getting a document signed may be the most important step in any business process. When you’re on the road, you want to be able to finish that last step whether you have access to the cloud or not. Not to worry. Today, Adobe is announcing an updated iOS app for the Adobe EchoSign e-signing offering that lets you or your customer e-sign contracts, agreements and other critical business documents offline, anywhere.

We’re also announcing today that we plan to open a new, multimillion dollar data center in Chicago to complement our Dallas facility to meet the growing demand for EchoSign and help increase performance and availability. It will come online this summer.

With today’s availability of the updated Adobe EchoSign for iOS version 2 app from the Apple store, EchoSign users can sign documents offline and automatically synchronize them back to the cloud on their iPads when they have network access. The updated app features a completely redesigned user interface for sending, signing and managing transactions that simplifies signing documents or getting documents signed in-person when sender and signer are co-located. Further, leveraging Adobe’s unique expertise in document processing, PDF rendering and intuitive user interface design, the iOS native signing interface has been optimized for touch interfaces and features high quality zoom and smooth navigation.


We also beefed up the web version of Adobe EchoSign. The Spring 2013 release has some nifty new features that will make the processes of getting a document signed easier for you and your customers.

With real-time calculations you can now create “dynamic contracts” by building fields into your contracts for which values get automatically calculated based on a formula or rule. For example, using the real-time calculation function, if a customer changes the size or volume of a shipment within the contract, the price is automatically recalculated. Calculations can be based on form fields or other calculated fields and can include mathematical functions and/or conditional logic.

We also improved document readability with better image quality and performance through best in industry Adobe image processing libraries. Users can zoom in and out of a contract for better readability during signing and form field authoring.


And because we know how important branding is, we added enhancements to our already customizable and easy signing experience to better align with your brand and business processes when getting documents signed.


These new features plus our new data center will help companies further reduce sales cycles, be more productive with their workflows and deliver an engaging user experience.

Be sure to try out the new iOS app and the cool new functions in Adobe EchoSign Spring 2013 release.

For more information see the full press release.

Author: Mangesh Bhandarkar, group product manager, Adobe EchoSign

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