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Six NEW Ways EchoSign Moves Your Business Forward

We know the importance of being able to get work done on the go. Business never really stops and neither should your ability to manage your business from anywhere, anytime. We are excited to unveil new mobile capabilities and product enhancements with the July release of Adobe EchoSign, including phone verification, increased workflow flexibility, and an all-new experience for iPhone users.

 Now the ABC’s of business (always be closing) are literally and figuratively possible. Here’s why:

After the May 2014 release, which made EchoSign available to more than 1 billion current Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 users, our team was hard at work already creating the next phase of EchoSign product evolution. Our goal?  To allow you even more flexibility to move your business forward, from anywhere – and today’s release is the result.

With the unveiling of these new features, you will have an even easier time using EchoSign from your iPhone or tablet. With an enhanced user interface (look/feel), the tools for verifying signers, gathering multiple signatures at different stages, and applying additional security measures are streamlined. You can get work done and get your deals closed on the go – with a company and service you trust!

Here are our top six favorite features. These highlights of the July release enable you to:

  • Verify signers with your phone. Achieve a higher level of identity assurance through two-factor authentication using phone-based verification. Your signers can verify themselves by typing in a one-time code delivered to their phone via voice or SMS text message.
  • Collect multiple signatures. Create multi-step workflows to collect countersignatures and finalize your contracts after someone has signed a document or form embedded in your website.
  • Give your customers a great signing experience. Users signing a document on a mobile device now get an even better and simpler experience. The electronic signing interface is responsive – it re-sizes itself automatically to fit browser windows. Great for working with mobile devices or signable documents embedded in your website.
  • Do more with EchoSign on your iPhone. Send, sign, and manage documents better with powerful new capabilities such as offline and in-person signing, single-click approvals, and geolocation capture.
  • Change verification methods on the fly. Easily update identity verification settings for signers having trouble with the selected method – for example, when a password is forgotten or a phone number changes.
  • Work with Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) customers have the ability to create and embed enterprise-level forms into their websites and mobile experiences. You can collect information electronically and gather signatures at the same time within an online portal. With these enhancements, you can complete the entire process of sending, signing, tracking and filing as a natural extension of the platform you’re already using.

We told you we made it easier.

“Because people can sign documents anywhere with Adobe EchoSign, we can meet deadlines that would have been impossible with paper versions.” – Connie Brenton, Director of Operations and Chief of Staff in the Legal Department, NetApp.

Not an Adobe EchoSign user yet? Don’t wait any longer! Sign up for a free trial here and learn about the benefits of e-signatures.

And if you are already an EchoSign customer, please watch our recent customer webinar to learn more about these new features.


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