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November 3, 2011 /Electronic Signatures /

Sneak Peak: EchoSign Comes to 1,000,000,000 Users of Adobe Reader in Full Force in January

uploading_documentSince EchoSign became part of Adobe in July, many of you have asked “Great.  What’s in it for me?” Fair enough.

Certain benefits were almost immediate.  We now have a $2,000,000,000+ balance sheet backing us, meaning vendor risk has been completely eliminated in the e-signature space for the first time.  We’ve added some quick first-step integrations, including the use of Adobe IDs for Single Sign On, as well as a basic link to EchoSign in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.  And, as you’ll see in the coming months, Adobe has deployed many more resources to support EchoSign.  Our team will soon have doubled in size, especially engineering and product, so we’ll get more features and functionality out to you even faster.

But back to those integrations.  We’ve just gotten started.  Adobe invented the PDF, and over 1 billion copies of Reader have been installed on PCs and mobile devices worldwide.  You’ll begin to see Reader evolve in Q1 into a device that furthers our vision of web contracts.  Why does Reader matter?  Because contracts live as PDFs — it’s how we safely collaborate and share them.  And PDFs are opened in Reader.  So the reality is, Reader is the natural place to start the contracting process for the vast majority of contracts — it’s the native app you open them in in the first place.

The Reader integration will roll forward in several stages.  In Q1, you’ll see two important pieces of EchoSign inside of Adobe Reader — all in one simple click, with a new button in Reader – “Sign”.

First, you’ll be able to fill in and sign any document you open in Reader, period.  For free.  Second, you’ll then be able to take any document in Reader, whether you’ve signed it yourself or not, and send it out for e-signature via EchoSign, in one click.

uploading_full_screenPDF is the language of contracts and contract collaboration.  Reader + EchoSign = web contracts for everyone, everywhere, every-how.

And after this huge update for Reader, we’ve got a lot more planned.  Imagine much of the entire EchoSign experience inside of Reader, running at turbocharged native speed.  Imagine EchoSign fully integrated inside of Mobile Reader too – already one of the Top 5 most popular mobile apps.  Imagine just for a little while longer.  We’re building it all for you.

It’s going to be great.


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