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Stonehenge Partners Streamlines Leasing with Adobe EchoSign

In the fiercely competitive rental market of New York City, time is critical. That’s why Stonehenge Partners created an end-to-end leasing process powered by Adobe EchoSign’s electronic signature solution.

Stonehenge is distinguishing itself from the competition by using technology to provide current and prospective tenants with better service. The company manages more than 3,200 apartments and 750,000 square feet of retail, office, and garage space. Renters apply through a system leveraging the platform and Conga Composer generates lease documents with Adobe EchoSign e-signature fields. The Adobe EchoSign workflow helps leasing agents distribute documents and collect required signatures online with greater ease. By leasing properties more quickly, Stonehenge makes more money.

“Each day that an apartment stays in our portfolio is a loss of rental income,” adds Jonathan Fishman, Director of Business Development. “Moving to an electronic workflow reduces the amount of time apartments stay unoccupied, so as a result, we have increased revenue by thousands of dollars per month in the aggregate.”

Besides being faster and more convenient, tenants benefit from increased personal security. Adobe EchoSign automatically removes private information from documents sent to multiple recipients. Learn more about how Adobe EchoSign helps Stonehenge Partners and its tenants here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

Categories: Customer Showcase

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