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October 25, 2012 /Electronic Signatures /

Survey Finds Organizations Are Losing Time and Money Juggling Documents

We can say it all we like, but it’s nice when the data backs us up. A global survey of information workers by research firm IDC has found that information workers are spending a lot of time juggling documents. The worse news, though, is how that time translates into lost productivity. (And we all know lost productivity hits the bottom line eventually.)

In the IDC white paper, sponsored by Adobe, “Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap: New Challenges and Opportunities for IT” (September 2012), IDC surveyed 1,200 information and IT workers around the world. Check out these juicy tidbits they gleaned from respondents:

  • Information workers spend 6.6 hours — nearly a full day — every week obtaining document signatures and approvals.
  • 1/4 of the time that information workers spend dealing with documents is spent working with paper.
  • They waste nearly 2 hours each week unravelling version control problems created by awkward routing, review, approval, or signature processes.
  • 35% of respondents said that getting signatures on a document is one of their biggest time drains.

If those stats don’t quite drive the point home, consider this one: IDC estimates the cost of all this wasted time to be $19,732 per information worker per year.

It’s no surprise that we think EchoSign’s on is the best way to fight that productivity problem. But don’t believe us — believe our customers!

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