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April 30, 2013

EchoSign releases EchoSign for Salesforce Version 13!

Fresh off our fifth straight Salesforce AppExchange Customer Choice Award, the team has been busy updating Salesforce’s top eSignature app, and we are proud to announce that Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce version 13 is available today. The new tools address several areas from collaboration to onboarding to signer verification to help companies further reduce sales cycles and be more productive with their workflows.

With this release, we added a new powerful integration with Salesforce Chatter to help groups stay up to date and collaborate to close more deals faster. With Chatter, you can now receive updates when agreements are sent, viewed, and signed or when reminders are sent among other things.

You can also now include an approver role within the document workflow as well. For example, you can send a sales quote over to your VP of Sales for approval first and, once approved, EchoSign will automatically route the document out to your customer for signature. We’ve also made improvements to optimize document workflows. Your team can automatically, with a click of a button, send a document for signature which attaches a Quote PDF or uses custom contacts from an Opportunity in Salesforce. That makes sending an agreement for signature effortless.

Signer identity is another area we addressed by offering two new ways to authenticate signers. One is through knowledge-based authentication (KBA), where the signer proves their identity by answering questions taken from public and commercial databases. This is similar to how you would verify your identity when obtaining your credit report and is especially important for sensitive documents or more stringent workflows. In addition, signers can verify themselves using a third-party Web service such as Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

We’ve also made it easier and faster to get new users up and running even faster with a new step-by-step wizard that walks the Salesforce administrator through the setup process.

Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce drives the eSignature capabilities in Salesforce to the next level and makes it even easier for you to close deals faster in the cloud! Learn more by registering for an upcoming webinar: May 15th, 11am ES or May 15th, 2pm ES.

By Amy Wang, Senior Product Manager, Adobe EchoSign

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March 5, 2012

Eating Your Own Dogfood: How Adobe Cut 2 Weeks from its Contracting Processes Using EchoSign

We recently hosted hundreds of our customers to our first annual Web Contracts and eSignatures event, where we discussed the past (just a little), the present, and the future of contracting and signatures on the web.

adobe_global_procurementWe’ll discuss many of our learnings in a series here on EchoBlog, but we though we’d start with one Fortune 500 company we are reasonably close to now — Adobe Systems Inc.

Contract return times have dropped from 2 weeks to 1-2 days.  79% of all buy side contracts are now complete within 7 days.After acquiring EchoSign, Adobe deployed EchoSign across numerous functional areas, including Procurement, HR, and more.  The Adobe procurement team’s results have been outstanding:

  • Adobe suppliers love EchoSign = material benefit for the Adobe brand.
  • 80% reduction in paper and printing by Adobe Procurement.
  • Adopted across 22 countries.
  • Only 1 FTE now required to manage all of a $4,000,000,000 revenue company’s buy-side contract administration.

See the case study and key metrics below.  Eating your own dogfood is one important step for any organization.  We all look for it — it’s part of a commitment to excellence.   Then achieving huge enterprise-wide success for Adobe?  That’s good for all of our 100,000+ customers and 5,000,000+ users.

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