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June 18, 2014

Apttus Accelerate Insider POV: How to Quote and Close Deals Faster with E-Signatures in the Cloud


By Mark Grilli, VP, Acrobat Solutions

The engaging and thought-provoking sessions at Apttus Accelerate continued today with our Adobe EchoSign customer panel, featuring some top Adobe EchoSign customers from Cadence, Motorola and Nike. These business leaders explained how the Quote-to-Cash process has helped them to close deals faster and with greater accuracy, and how tools like Apttus, Salesforce and Adobe EchoSign have helped these customers dramatically reduce the time it takes to get contracts completed (from weeks to merely hours, in many cases). Along with increasing efficiency for their businesses, implementing the Quote-to-Cash system has helped them to secure customer relationships, ensure pricing accuracy and accelerate sales cycles.



Joining me on today’s panel was Vianne Sha, IT Principal Architect at Cadence; Sandra Ficke-Bradford, Director of Contract Management and Policy at Motorola Solutions; and Genaro Lopez (@gelopez42), Manager for Enterprise Contract Management at Nike. In each of their roles at their respective companies, these professionals deal with extensive contract and workflow management. Finding the best solutions to speed up the process, decrease wasted resources and solidify customer relationships is at the top of their lists. Each came across EchoSign while looking for a contract solution to solve these problems, and one that would integrate with existing sales tools to streamline the process.

The integration between Adobe EchoSign, Salesforce and Apttus was a huge selling point for each of these important Adobe customers. They needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly with the other sales and workflow management tools their companies regularly use. The Quote-to-Cash process allowed them to adopt our e-signature tool, Adobe EchoSign, with zero disruption of any business process. Sha spoke of leveraging the CRM solution at Cadence, and wanting to achieve sales efficiency as they deployed Apttus and e-signature with Adobe Echosign.

Right out of the gate, Lopez commented that Nike’s famed “Just Do It” slogan isn’t just a marketing campaign – it’s a mindset that drives the adoption of best business practices, too.  Lopez had to occasionally play the role of gatekeeper as Adobe EchoSign went a little viral inside Nike, with several teammates wanting to use Adobe e-signatures even in areas that hadn’t yet been officially approved. Lopez likened EchoSign’s ease-of-use to gamification, saying that EchoSign became so popular and convenient that his team needed to tweak their training regimens – a good “problem” to have, everyone seemed to agree.

The benefits to their company workflows were readily apparent. Ficke-Bradford spoke of a linear process at Motorola, knowing that it would take time to bring order to the chaos – but likewise, knowing that e-signature would be brought into the process eventually.  (During a humorous aside, Ficke-Bradford noted that her son’s wrestling club used Adobe EchoSign for obtaining permissions for his participation, and joked that, if a wrestling club could easily adopt EchoSign, Motorola certainly could, too.)

Lopez talked about the use of EchoSign with Nike’s sports marketing department, saying the EchoSign distinction between “approvers” and “signers” has been instrumental in quickly and efficiently inking athlete contracts via those athletes’ old-school agents.

Sha cited the full transparency afforded by EchoSign – the fact that all of the pertinent parties have full view of where each and every contract stands. She mentioned, too, how the EchoSign “reminder” function serves as virtual prompt to ensure contracts move along in a timely fashion. It’s so easy to just go ahead and sign right then and there, isn’t it?

Through 2014, Sha’s team has already processed 80 percent of the legal agreements that it processed in all of 2013. Nike didn’t have an ROI mandate as it rolled out Adobe EchoSign, but saw two distinct use-cases:  one in Nike’s famed sports marketing department, and another at the board level.

As large companies like Cadence, Motorola and Nike continue to implement Quote-to-Cash business solutions, the business benefits of using tools like Apttus, Salesforce and Adobe EchoSign become increasingly evident. By adopting these integrated business tools, professionals can bring their companies immeasurable benefits from accelerating processes, to increasing accuracy and reducing costs and resources.

If you are not using Adobe EchoSign already and would like to give it a try, we invite you to click here for a free trial. To learn more about how Adobe EchoSign and Apptus work together seamlessly, click here.





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May 9, 2014

Adobe EchoSign’s new release puts e-signatures in the hands of over 1 billion users

LATEST blog picAdobe extends its leadership in digital documents by making the Adobe EchoSign electronic signature service readily available to the one billion business professionals who use Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft SharePoint 2013. The May release also introduces a streamlined user experience and industry-leading support for customized business workflows. Combined, these enhancements make it possible for more organizations to finish business faster and speed time to revenue. Today, Adobe EchoSign customers achieve an average of 85% reduction in contract signing times.

Since the December 2013 release, the Adobe EchoSign team has been focused on designing a superior e-signature experience that integrates seamlessly with business users’ preferred applications–and today’s release is the result. Now, Adobe EchoSign is instantly accessible within the most commonly used desktop and cloud-based document applications, making it easier than ever to integrate electronic signatures into business processes across Sales, HR, Legal, and Operations. Other key highlights of the May release include:

  • A new, streamlined user experience. The Adobe EchoSign May release introduces a simplified interface that’s quick and easy to navigate –for senders and signers alike. Plus, the new design ensures a consistent experience across devices, browsers, and screen resolutions.
  • Support for creating custom business workflows. Adobe EchoSign is the industry-leading e-signature platform that helps customers build and customize signing workflows uniquely tailored to suit individual business processes. Once built, these workflows can be published and used throughout the organization –helping improve compliance, minimize errors, and reduce costly rework during signing processes.
  • Flexible identity verification. Using two-factor authentication, senders can rest assured that the people they want to sign documents are the ones who actually do. This is easily setup by choosing from several identity verification methods such as password, knowledge-based authentication, or social identity.
  • Faster, easier administrative setup, user management, and permissions. Administrators can easily scale EchoSign within their organizations by creating, updating, and managing users in bulk, as well as controlling signing privileges within an account.
  • Expanded APIs. Underscoring its commitment to a standard and open platform for electronic signatures, Adobe continues to make more of Adobe EchoSign’s functionality accessible through APIs. Adobe EchoSign supports a comprehensive set of SOAP and REST-based APIs allowing developers to use their favorite tools and programming models of choice to build integrations into Adobe EchoSign.

Customers using Adobe EchoSign today include Citrix, Groupon, Foursquare, Foxtons, KIA, NEC Financial Services, NetApp, Rackspace, Ricoh, Shred-It, and more than 25% of the Fortune 100. Globally, more than 34 million users across 170 countries have already used Adobe EchoSign. This new release expands e-Signing to more than one billion users, helping organizations accelerate business processes, reach revenue faster, and meet corporate goals more efficiently.

“We trust Adobe for our e-signature needs across a range of critical business processes,” said Odus Wittenburg, senior vice president, Rackspace Americas. “Adobe EchoSign has literally saved us thousands of hours already. The advanced workflows and enterprise-strength e-Signature capabilities in the new release will help us further streamline critical business processes.”

If you haven’t used EchoSign yet, this is a great time to try it.  We invite you to sign up for a free trial now.

If you’re already an EchoSign customer, view the May release customer webinar to learn more about all of the new features.

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January 29, 2014

Moving communities ahead

As a company that knows how to get things moved quickly, Crown Relocations recognized instantly that Adobe EchoSign would do wonders for its contracting processes, as well as other important company activities. Besides accelerating the process of client quote acceptance, the MegaSign widget in Adobe EchoSign helped the company raise $200,000 for The Salvation Army. CR-1920x654

“We’ve never attempted a charity event of this size. Adobe EchoSign, and specifically the MegaSign and widget functionality, reduced our administrative load so that we could make the event a much bigger success than expected,” says Karlene van Zyl, assistant to the country manager at Crown Relocations. Find more information here.

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November 11, 2013

Takeout and Delivery Orders Made Faster with JUST EAT

By automating its contract and document signing process, JUST EAT has doubled the speed with which it connects new delivery restaurants with hungry web surfers. Using Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce, contract completion has been cut from six days to three days with e-signatures. And new customers are on a JUST EAT website the next day.

Using the dashboard tool in Salesforce, JUST EAT was able to monitor adoption and success of the solution, and learned that by streamlining the process they eliminated contract admin time and freed up their sales staff to engage with more restaurants.

“We have integrated Adobe EchoSign with our Salesforce CRM and Conga Merge. With one click, completed contracts are emailed simultaneously to the client, and sales administrators, who can start the process of listing the restaurant before the JUST EAT sales representative even returns to the office,” says Diogo Coutinho, international product manager. “We are exceeding our turnaround time for bringing on new restaurants.”

Learn more about how JUST EAT is using the Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce solution to expand internationally here.


just eat logo

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October 22, 2013

Sign here, there, or anywhere with Adobe EchoSign

You can sign among the trees or on the beach with the breeze. Up on a mountain top, or while closing up the shop. With Adobe EchoSign, you can sign anywhere, anytime. Instantly send, e-sign, track and file documents securely online, so you can get business done faster and more efficiently with your customers and partners, and get ahead of the competition.

EchoSign’s Sign Anywhere video is the first part of a new campaign designed to show you how easily you can sign documents anywhere, like in Northern Maine or while visiting Spain. The possibilities are endless and made easy with EchoSign’s three different signing methods: a mouse or stylus, typing in a name and hitting “click to e-sign”, or faxing in a written signature.

Recipients may e-sign with their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google web accounts, and EchoSign will automatically capture a picture and URL link to their public web identity. Don’t have access to a computer? Signing on an iPhone, Blackberry, or most other mobile devices with a web browser is simple! No Internet connection? Good news- signing offline is possible with our iOS app! Finally, if you prefer to send and sign via the old-school fax machine, EchoSign automatically provides a fax cover sheet with instructions. Once faxed in, the signed document is filed in EchoSign and a copy of the document is sent to all parties.

“At EchoSign we know how important it is to be able to do business from anywhere,”   says Erin Curtis, Director of Marketing, Adobe EchoSign. “We are using this campaign to communicate that our e-signature solution allows customers to send or sign documents no matter where they are. Paperless signing ensures a friction-free business environment.”

So whether you’re on a boat or ice-fishing on the coast, EchoSign allows you to close business quickly with a frictionless document signing experience from anywhere.

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May 2, 2012

BT: “1,000,000 Contracts E-Signed on EchoSign — And Counting”

At our recent Web Contracts 2012 user confab and celebration, we were pleased to have Global and FTSE 100 leader BT present on how they’d e-signed over 1,000,000 business contracts on EchoSign (actually getting closer to 1.5 million now) worldwide.

The presentation and learnings are below.  A summary over 5 years and one million contracts with EchoSign:

  • Average contract signing time declined from 10 days to an outstanding 40 minutes company-wide.
  • The average sales process rep made productivity gains of 5 hours a week
  • 15-50% increase in closure rate.

Stunning for any business, let alone a £15 billion global leader founded in 1846.

[Also of keen interest are some general leanings about start-ups (we were a startup when BT started using us in late 2006 and early 2007).  Of the 17,000 — seventeen thousand — start-ups, potential web apps and other technologies BT looked at to bring in and use in 2006, it chose only 4.  And EchoSign was BT's very first SaaS app (of which it has gone on to adopt scores, from Salesforce on).  The learning: it's truly tough odds when you are doing something innovative.]


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April 17, 2012

eSignatures Everywhere! EchoSign Comes to the 100,000,000+ Users of Mobile Readers on Android, iOS

The #1 most popular business application on the iOS AppStore.

The #1 most popular Android business application.

Adobe Mobile Reader.

The natural extension — add full native free on- and off-line eSignature capabilities, and EchoSign integration.  Which we’ve done.  For everyone.  Available now on Google Play (Android Store) and Apple Appstore.  Now.


So now there’s no reason to search for another mobile app just to add a signature to your documents.  We’ve got you covered with Mobile Reader.  Out of the box.  Just click the ‘pen’ icon in Mobile Reader now, and you can instantly e-sign any document you’ve opened on your mobile device.  Save your signature for re-use later.  E-mail it out to anyone.

And Mobile Reader with eSignatures is fast.  Really fast.  And really easy.


We’ve also dramatically enhanced our desktop Reader eSignature capabilities for the 1,000,000,000 users of desktop Reader.  Now, just like on the EchoSign web app, you can e-sign freehand with a mouse or type your signature; fill-in and save forms (a first for a free Adobe PDF product); and send out for signature via EchoSign.  And both mobile and desktop readers will remember and save your signature for next time.

See more here on the Acrobat blog and a video demo below.

And look for even more coming here across Adobe Reader later in 2012.

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March 5, 2012

Eating Your Own Dogfood: How Adobe Cut 2 Weeks from its Contracting Processes Using EchoSign

We recently hosted hundreds of our customers to our first annual Web Contracts and eSignatures event, where we discussed the past (just a little), the present, and the future of contracting and signatures on the web.

adobe_global_procurementWe’ll discuss many of our learnings in a series here on EchoBlog, but we though we’d start with one Fortune 500 company we are reasonably close to now — Adobe Systems Inc.

Contract return times have dropped from 2 weeks to 1-2 days.  79% of all buy side contracts are now complete within 7 days.After acquiring EchoSign, Adobe deployed EchoSign across numerous functional areas, including Procurement, HR, and more.  The Adobe procurement team’s results have been outstanding:

  • Adobe suppliers love EchoSign = material benefit for the Adobe brand.
  • 80% reduction in paper and printing by Adobe Procurement.
  • Adopted across 22 countries.
  • Only 1 FTE now required to manage all of a $4,000,000,000 revenue company’s buy-side contract administration.

See the case study and key metrics below.  Eating your own dogfood is one important step for any organization.  We all look for it — it’s part of a commitment to excellence.   Then achieving huge enterprise-wide success for Adobe?  That’s good for all of our 100,000+ customers and 5,000,000+ users.

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January 10, 2012

1,000,000,000 is Cool: Adobe Adds Native EchoSign Integration to the 1 Billion Users of Adobe Reader Today

Big news for EchoSign today – Adobe has added a new Sign button and native EchoSign integration for the 1,000,000,000 (that’s 1 billion J) users of Adobe Reader.

Now, you can:

(1)  Sign any document yourself in Adobe Reader for free – with the new Sign button in Reader

(2)  Send it out for electronic signature through EchoSign

All in one click.

Super easy, super powerful, super free, super cool.




And this is just the start.  Look for even more functionality in Q2, including the full EchoSign user experience embedded in Reader.  And our Mobile Reader integration coming soon is very cool as well.

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December 17, 2011

Citrix: “We’ve Hired 1,800 Employees with EchoSign!”

Citrix recently reached out to us with an update on how using EchoSign electronic signatures for almost 2 years has turbochared their recruiting and HR processes.

The results?  Fabulous:

  • 1,800 employees hired using EchoSign.
  • On-boarding has shrunk from weeks to 1-2 days.
  • Zero training.

E-Signatures and web contracts are no longer the way of the future.  They are simply the way of the web.


Case Study: Citrix

EchoSign Speeds Up Recruitment at Citrix


Company Overview

Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) is a leading provider of virtual computing solutions that help companies deliver IT as an on-demand service. Founded in 1989, Citrix combines virtualization, networking, and cloud computing technologies into a full portfolio of products that enable virtual work styles for users and virtual datacenters for IT. More than 230,000 organizations worldwide rely on Citrix to help them build simpler and more cost-effective IT environments. Citrix partners with over 10,000 companies in more than 100 countries. Annual revenue in 2010 was $1.87 billion.

Workflow Challenge

Rich Berger, Senior Director, HRIS, Citrix was looking for a safe, secure and efficient way to speed up the recruitment process at Citrix. In addition, the ‘status change’ process was also lengthy when getting forms signed by managers and HR approvers. “Ours was not an atypical challenge -we simply needed an easy and efficient way to get busy people to respond in a timely manner,” says Rich.

EchoSign Solution

“We started using EchoSign in January 2010 to improve our recruiting process and seven months ago expanded our global use to improve our HR status change process”, says Rich. “As a SaaS vendor we were looking for a solution that was easy to use. We wanted to invest in a partnership with a SaaS vendor so EchoSign seemed like a great fit. Citrix HR started using EchoSign to get offer letters signed online. “We found it was a safe and secure way to get our letters signed in a timely manner.” Currently Citrix has about 200 active EchoSign users. “Most of our users were up and running with no training. I put together a short 5 min training video for those users that wanted a quick tutorial.”


Since using EchoSign, Citrix has hired over 1800 employees using EchoSign. In addition, more than 5,000 status change forms have also been signed via EchoSign. “Everything that we used to measure in weeks is now measured in 1-2 days”, says Rich. “In addition, we are seeing key improvements in quality. Before EchoSign we didn’t catch as many pre-approval errors. What differentiates EchoSign is ease of use and great customer service.” Citrix is also expanding its use of EchoSign to contract compliance, finance and sales contracts.

EchoSign is incredible!

Rich Berger, Senior Director, Global HRIS

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