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Time is the Enemy of all Contracts. E-Signatures are the Cure.

Today we received a wonderful email from a new Fortune 50 Adobe EchoSign customer.  A pretty traditional Fortune 50 company, and one of the first we’ve closed together with Adobe in our 2 weeks as a joint company.  Today, they rolled out EchoSign, and their first customer contract was signed in 4 hours.  Not an EchoSign record yet.  But …

That was compared to 40 days before EchoSign.

The point being, time is the enemy of all deals.  Electronic signatures aren’t about putting an image of a signature into a document.  They’re about closing deals on the web, in as close to real-time as practical.  About making a contract and the signature, the close, a social experience, together with your customer — not a broken one abstracted from the core sales process.

Just having a contract out there for 4 days is too many days to risk losing the deal.  40 days … well …

You’ll learn more from us about the Social Contract in the coming weeks.  Look for Facebook, Groupon and Pandora to talk about their experiences on an outstanding panel with EchoSign, Salesforce, and their web contracts at Dreamforce 2011.   But much more is to come.

We guarantee you these results for your business.  42 minutes on average.

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