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April 15, 2013 /Customer Showcase /

TRC Staffing Cuts Recruiting Time in Half with Adobe EchoSign

TRC Staffing Services helps companies respond quickly and flexibly to changing business needs without excessive head count or unnecessary legal exposure. But with intense competition, speed and efficiency are critical to the success of TRC. Because TRC needs tools that help it vet candidates faster than its rivals, CIO John Clifford selected Adobe EchoSign.

“When we just handed candidates papers to fill out in our offices, it was difficult to get fully completed documents returned in a timely manner because often times the candidate would forget pertinent information at home,” he explains. “We implemented Adobe EchoSign to expedite the hiring process by managing documents more quickly and efficiently.”

With dozens of offices in 14 states, TRC’s hub-and-spoke paper process—in which branches sent physical documents to the corporate office—was prone to error and delay. After implementing Adobe EchoSign, candidates could complete forms and e-sign at any computer, guided by required and restricted fields that improved document accuracy. Completed forms are emailed automatically to the corporate office. Clifford estimates it cut the time in half it would have taken TRC to place more than 100 workers at 20 locations for one client.

“Adobe EchoSign isn’t just making our lives easier,” he says, “it’s helping our candidates and customers as well.”

Read more about how Adobe EchoSign helps TRC Staffing here.


Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

Categories: Customer Showcase

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