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March 27, 2013 /Events /

Was the Next Big Deal Discovered at SXSW 2013?

As the buzz of SXSW 2013 begins to fade (and as new plans for 2014 are already in the works), we wanted to pay homage to the thousands of developers who flock to SXSW Interactive each year to learn, network, showcase their latest and greatest, and ultimately land a partnership or deal to move their projects or passions into the next stages.  Everyone wants to be the next FourSquare success story.

If you were at SXSWi this year and networking on the streets of Austin, what startups did you see making a solid push this year? With the gathering of such great and creative minds at SXSWi, there is never a shortage of ingenuity when it comes to how startups create buzz for themselves among attendees and most importantly, investors and partners. SXSW Interactive also took notice as this year’s awards announcing 10,000 ft as the winner in the optimizing business category.  It’s an online collaborative management tool that allows you to control your entire team’s projects and schedules with one intuitive system.  Watch the video below to see the bigger picture:

Fisker Automotive also created an extensive interactive website experience by creating a new navigation to see every detail of their new vehicles.

Stop by to have a look for yourself.

Mobile Bay created a very useful site for event planners, where you can easily see photos of everything you could want in Mobile Bay and even print out PDFs with more information.

Visit it at

Nissan even used Microsoft’s Kinect technology to create a virtual reality experience of a new car that they were showing off at an auto show.

But the most innovative entry on the list had to be the VIP Fridge Magnet by Red Tomato Pizza.  They took the whole Pizza delivery ordering process and shrunk it into a button you stick to your fridge.  When you push their magnet, it sends your favorite pizza order automatically to Red Tomato Pizza, and sends you a confirmation text.  Amazing concept and great use of technology.  The only problem is that Red Tomato Pizza is only available in Dubai……for now.

Check out the video at

Even though 10,000ft. took the prize, we are still willing to bet that there were some big deals made at SXSW with the other entries.  Good luck to all the other applicants in the SXSW Interactive Awards in the future.  Keep pushing the envelope of using technology to make big deals happen!


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