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September 26, 2012 /Release News /

We’re back — with a new release and more!

Yes, we had taken a little break from blogging (thank you to those that noticed), and now we’re back!

We’ve been hard at work on some cool new features for our latest release, and now comes the fun part: releasing them to you! Forgive us for getting a little geeked out over this stuff, but you’ll agree that these are some pretty cool enhancements.

Drop-Down Lists
You can now create lists of options for signers — another cool way for you to collect information from signers.  And we give you a few ways to do it: through the web authoring UI, via import from a PDF form, or using EchoSign text tags. In addition, your lists can support advanced functions like conditional fields and data masking.


More Participants Per Agreement
Now, you can have more than six participants per agreement — this has been a very popular request so we are pleased to cross it off the to-do list!  You can specify your participants through the web UI, via the web services API, or on customized send pages defined through a custom workflow.


Bounced Email Tracking
Don’t you hate it when your signing process grinds to a halt because of a bounced email? Now, when your agreement doesn’t go through, you’ll get a notification. Bounces will also show up in Document History and your audit reports, so you can quickly replace the signer with someone else or correct the email address.

Improved Security for Document Processing
Get a warning when a signer is about to sign a contract meant for someone else.

This release includes a bunch of other updates (including new API features) that will help make your web contracting processes faster and easier for all parties, so check it out today. Let us know what you think and, as always, tell us what you want to see in the future. You guys are our best source of great ideas.

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