by Rich Lee


December 22, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Before we take off for the winter break, we’d like to show you a glimpse of what’s new in Adobe Edge Preview 4. Edge team member Sarah Hunt will show you some of the new features like Symbols, clipping, support for web fonts, and more.

(if the video doesn’t appear above, click here.)

Edge Preview 4 will be available on Adobe Labs in January 2012. Stay tuned for more info!

Happy Holidays!


  • By Jane - SFSU Faculty - 2:47 AM on January 3, 2012  

    I would like to use Adobe Edge in my rich media class for spring semester – can you tell me what is the planned release date and price? I would like to do a couple of skill building exercises and a project with Edge at the end of the semester.
    Thanks, Jane
    Department of Design & Industry, SFSU

  • By Amanjeet Singh - 7:24 AM on December 27, 2011  

    You people must add or provide some script so that the animation work on IE 8 too.

  • By marcel - 6:35 PM on December 26, 2011  

    pretty cool. much more like fireworks.
    i hope audio and video files are supported too in prev 4
    cross my fingers

  • By Amanjeet Singh - 11:15 AM on December 26, 2011  

    I am also expecting a detailed description on javascript API’s

  • By palenoue - 10:24 PM on December 23, 2011  

    I hope you’re going to come out with a few tutorial videos for these new features. I don’t have enough free time to learn it all from trial and error.