by Rich Lee


March 12, 2012


Edge preview 5 is now available on Adobe Labs! We’re VERY excited about this release, which has a lot of big updates – many of which were requested by the community. Here’s a quick overview:

New Publishing and Optimization Features:

  • Publish to web: Preview 5 has an option to specify if jQuery should be packaged with the composition, or downloaded from a CDN to produce lighter code and improve caching.
  • Down-level browser support: Define a fallback state of a composition for non-HTML5 browsers like IE8 and below.
  • Preloader improvements: Choose what gets shown during the preloader, before the framework, jQuery, or composition is loaded.

Emphasis on animation:

  • Timeline: We made several significant improvements to the timeline that make composing animations much easier and faster, such as an easier to use Pin (formerly the Mark) and smarter playback behavior.
  • On-stage tools: New clip and transform tools make it easier to manipulate objects and create animation effects.

Many other enhancements:

  • Improved symbol functionality, stage editing options, the ability to swap images, more intuitive contextual menus, many bug fixes, and much more have been added to preview 5.

See the full list of updates here.

And here’s the latest video from Adobe Fellow Mark Anders, who covers the latest goodies in preview 5.

Please download preview 5, give it a spin, and let us know what you think!



  • By Joe Kirby - 8:36 PM on July 13, 2012  

    Well, I tried your Edge product and would like to leave the following feedback.

    1. The app is huge.
    2, The grey on black UI is sub optimal.
    3. I was kind of following along the lesson, decided I wanted to change the color of text I had entered – didn’t seem to be a property easily accessible so I gave up.
    4. Finding this page to provide feedback was quite difficult. I would think you would want to make it easy to provide feedback on a developing product.

    • By sahunt - 8:40 AM on July 16, 2012  

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback. We have a dedicated Edge forums with many active members from both the Edge team and community. If you have any suggestions or issues in the future check it out

      Also I’d suggest checking out our resources page on ( There’s tons of links to videos and tutorials to help you get started. Specifically for your text colour issue, you can find that in the properties panel on the left of the workspace.