by Rich Lee


September 24, 2012

The day has finally come — Adobe Edge Animate 1.0 is here! We’re proud to announce that the first commercial version is now available from the Adobe Creative Cloud, as a perpetual (non-expiring) product. The surprise is that it’s FREE as an introductory offer, as a thank you for the tons of feedback we received during the preview phase, helping us get to version 1.0. We hope by making it free, we’ll get even more feedback and adoption. If you’re new to the Creative Cloud, all you need to download Edge Animate for free is go to and sign up for a membership. You’ll also have access to other Adobe Edge Tools & Services, such as Edge Inspect and PhoneGap Build.

New mnemonic for Adobe Edge Animate

Concluding the Preview Period

It’s been a thrilling ride for the Edge Animate team, since we first sneaked an experimental prototype of it at MAX 2010. Less than a year later, on August 1, 2011, we released Preview 1 on Adobe Labs. We really didn’t know how it would be received, but the response was overwhelming — there were 70K downloads on the first day, and major press coverage from publications like Cnet, USA Today, The New York Times, and Mac World. However, the most surprising aspect was that users were already showing off what they made with it within the first 12 hours of launch. It was incredible and flattering to know people had downloaded Preview 1, figured out how to use it, and posted their work on production sites in less than a day.

Looking back, some of us feel that Preview 1 was released too early. It only had a single timeline and couldn’t handle user interactions at all. Just about the only thing you could do with it was create a static, linear animation. There was concern that people would look at the tool and write it off as too basic or primitive for real-world use. We made a conscious decision to release early and often, taking in user feedback to help us improve it. Our development philosophy was very different from what people came to expect from Adobe. In just over a year, we released six more previews. Each release incorporated user feedback and had a mix of major and incremental  improvements to the previous version. There were over half a million downloads during the preview phase, and as I mentioned earlier, the feedback we received was instrumental in making Edge Animate 1.0 what it is today.

Here’s a quick summary of the major enhancements of each Preview:

  • Preview 1 (8/1/11) – Single timeline, import graphic files, open HTML files
  • Preview 2 (9/7/11) – Fit and finish improvements and bug fixes
  • Preview 3 (10/1/11) – Interactivity and access to the Edge Animate API
  • Preview 4 (1/19/12) – Symbols, web fonts, element display lifetime
  • Preview 5 (3/11/12) – Optimized publishing options, down-level support for non-HTML5 browsers
  • Preview 6 (5/10/12) – Built-in lessons, localized in six languages, DPS and iBooks publishing
  • Preview 7 (8/20/12) – Resizable layouts, new drawing tools, stage improvements

We plan on releasing more updates to Edge Animate, to add new capabilities as well incorporating more feedback. Stay tuned for more news! With that said, please download Edge Animate 1.0 and let us know what you think!


Rich Lee
Product Marketing Manager


  • By Software Store - 7:33 AM on August 19, 2013  

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  • By creating a blog - 4:39 PM on March 15, 2013  

    Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information specially the last phase 🙂 I deal with such info a lot. I was looking for this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  • By jude - 8:57 AM on March 15, 2013  

    love adobe

  • By Xavier - 2:12 AM on November 14, 2012  


    I’ve downloaded the lastest version of the Application Manager but Adobe Edge Animate is not in the list of the products that i can download…

    I had an old version of Edge Preview (i think that it was the first one) that i could not uninstall properly, could it be the reason why i can’t find Edge in the list ?

    Thank you for your help.

    • By Rich Lee - 3:43 PM on November 14, 2012  

      Hi Xavier,

      Are you a Creative Cloud member? If so, make sure you’re signed in so all the download buttons appear. If you’re not a member, you can sign up for a free membership here:

      Also you’ll need to uninstall the previous version with the Adobe uninstaller. If the uninstaller isn’t there, you can use the Adobe Cleaner tool:

      Hope this helps!

  • By John - 11:29 PM on October 31, 2012  

    I don’t know what happened, but tonight I did a simple update on my web page and now It doesn’t load. My web page is completely broken!! I can’t figure out if this is an Edge problem or my Yahoo web hosting problem. All I know is my web page worked fine until tonight’s update.

  • By Anthony - 9:59 AM on October 30, 2012  

    Does anybody know when we can see an update to Edge 1.0? Or where we can read about up and coming updates. I would really like to see Audio support, motion paths and masking etc.

  • By Mark - 8:07 PM on October 29, 2012  

    I’ve been using edge for about 6 months and I am really impressed with the program, particularly the responsive layout! And I am also waiting patiently for audio. Perhaps you could include some video embed functionality as standard. (I know it can be done with code)

    Actually more than anything, I would look forward to additional loading options, as the pre-loader can be a bit annoying.

  • By Anthony Dickins - 5:39 PM on October 29, 2012  

    I have now resolved this issue by using the Application Manager in stead of the Download Assistant. Thank you.

  • By Code Mani - 12:03 AM on October 28, 2012  

    Hi Rich .
    I m new in HTML5 animation though i have been working commercially in HTML designing since long time. I think it would be a great help for me if i can use this app.
    I want to give it a try n hoping to get it for free for some time..
    I need to know from where i can download this app. . Do i need to be a part of creative cloud before being able to downlaod this app. please let me know .. it would be a grt help


    • By Rich Lee - 10:58 AM on October 29, 2012  

      Hi, all you need to do is sign up for the free level of the Creative Cloud to get Edge Animate.

      Thanks for your interest!

  • By martino - Assassinus Jewellery - 8:04 PM on October 25, 2012  

    Nifty software. I had been downloading the previews since 3 (I think) and had lots of fun with it. Easier to use than the old Flash software. I created my jewellery label site with it (which needs work I must admit) – which I will now re create with 1.0.
    Thanks once again, happy it is being released for free, I was already budgeting for buying the first commercial release, so that money may go to…cider!!! 🙂

  • By caroline interactive designer at Financial Times - 10:03 AM on October 19, 2012  

    Hi Rich. We’ve loved using this for a audio explainer however, like the previous comment, we would love to see audio within the timeline. Is this going to happen anytime soon?
    Many thanks

    • By Rich Lee - 11:41 AM on October 26, 2012  

      Audio is on our ‘to do’ list. Stay tuned.


  • By toby park - 5:50 AM on October 13, 2012  

    Absolutely loving your app. Have dived straight in there since one week, and learning huge amount. Always the best way to learn a new product is to actually try and make something with it.
    Please add audio as sooooooon as you can though, any idea when?

  • By Sarah html5 designer - 2:57 PM on October 12, 2012  

    Wow – this is terrific, thank you

  • By Jenny - 12:21 PM on October 12, 2012  

    In order to sign up for a Creative Cloud membership, I’m charged $50 per month, correct? So how can you say Edge Animate is free?

    • By Rich Lee - 1:32 PM on October 18, 2012  

      There is also a free Creative Cloud membership that includes Edge Animate for free.

      • By Jenny - 9:31 AM on October 26, 2012  

        Oh, I see. It’s free for a 30 day trial period, after which I’m charged. Well, it’s a free month anyway. Thanks.

        • By Rich Lee - 11:40 AM on October 26, 2012  

          Hi Jenny,
          We don’t start charging after 30 days for Edge Animate. After you download it, it’s YOURS.

  • By Ben - 10:48 PM on October 5, 2012  

    Hi Rich,

    First: congratulations. This is amazing, and gonna be even more game-changing when it integrates SVG properly.

    Second, you tell us to let you know what we think, but there’s no form or link to do so on this page. Hmm…. So here’s what I think :), posted as a comment:

    Stupid question: how do you set borders individually for each side of a div? This is the one thing I can see that you seem to have gotten spectacularly wrong in the 1.0. Border sides need to be individually customizable, and need to be in their own panel, just like “corners.” The notion that you’re limiting people to four-sided borders exclusively, all of the same style and thickness, in what is (let’s be frank) a very primitive set of drawing tools, is just bizarre to me. For one thing, as I’m sure you know, thick one-sided borders is how CSS geeks draw right triangles. 🙂 Please tell me I’m missing something in the interface? If I’m right about this, the program as it stands is honestly unusable for me personally.

    • By Rich Lee - 9:26 AM on October 6, 2012  

      Hi Ben, thanks for trying Edge Animate. I’m working on getting an answer for you. In the meantime, please use our forum for feedback:


      EDIT: I see that you posted this in the forum….thanks!

  • By Karsten Vestergaard - 8:59 AM on October 3, 2012  

    Congratulations on the release. It is really a great product. I have made a blog post on the toolset as a whole on and will do a more in-depth review in the near future. Let’s get this baby flying 🙂

  • By Lazar Voin - 3:08 PM on September 30, 2012  

    Great software, Thanks!

  • By Jim - 7:47 AM on September 28, 2012  

    I am also having trouble finding where in the world to download the additional Edge tools (i.e. Inspect). I’m a paid member of Creative Cloud and running Mac OS X. My Adobe App Manager was updated to download Edge Animate but I can’t find anywhere, through the App Manager or your website to download the other Edge tools. I understand Reflow isn’t out yet but the others say they are. Help?!?

    • By Rob Huddleston - 10:34 AM on October 2, 2012  

      Jim – It won’t show up on the App Manager, but if you log into and log in with your username and password, it should show up. It’s in a separate section from the Creative Suite tools, but all of the Edge stuff (except Relow) will be there.

  • By James Vernon - 12:02 PM on September 27, 2012  

    Dear Edge Animate Team,

    Thanks for your hard work and your responsiveness to those of us who participated in the preview. You have done a great job and I know this product will continue to get better and better. With your product I wrote a complete android app using 95% Edge Animate and 5% jquery mobile. Using Adobe PhoneGap and Eclipse I was able to build the app for distribution on Google Play and Amazon App Store. You will find the app called Hope Gate on Google Play and Amazon App Store.
    Thanks again, Jim

  • By Rakib Amin - 7:55 AM on September 27, 2012  

    It’s really cool to have a software with version 1.0 written beside it :-). Cheerio for that.
    I started using from preview 6.0, I am basically attracted to Flash Development in adobe’s creative suite paradigm. Edge animate felt really close to heart in that manner. It’s a brilliant tool to introduce prod level design without acute knowledge of JS or other scripts.
    Have a nice one

  • By Anthony - 12:14 AM on September 27, 2012  

    The way you can quickly set stuff on the canvas and also the alignent guides that come up is brilliant to name but a few things I love about Edge.

    But one of the few things that winds me right up! Is when you save or preview the canvas resets to the route, so if you working on a symbol withint a symbol you have to keep going back in. I like to save regularly and also preview all the time to check my work so it’s a pain to have to keep going back in.

    Also no undo? this is also very frustrating when you like to edit code, test then roll back on that amendment.

    I’m pleased that it’s released, but there are so many things missing that I just need right now if I’m going to move from Flash to html5. I really was hoping to be able to import audio and stream from the time line as I do a lot of animation work for educational sites.

    I know that is coming but it really should have been in 1.0, I just feel like it’s half baked and wasn’t quiet ready. I can’t help but look at flash and it’s features and look and Edge and think, where are they! 🙂

  • By raja - 10:52 PM on September 26, 2012  

    i cant find the download link for ” Adobe Edge Animate 1.0 ”
    did any one have it plz share it.

  • By Kerrie Parker - 11:53 AM on September 26, 2012  

    I’ve been studying your program and enjoying it so far. I would like to know if it can be used in conjunction with mySql?

    Thanks! Kerrie P.

    • By Rich Lee - 2:43 PM on September 26, 2012  

      Hi Kerrie,
      The answer is yes, but there has to be an intermediary interface to get the data to the webpage. The best thing to do is to write an interface using PHP (for instance) to output to a JSON object, and then use JavaScript to read that object in on runtime.

  • By Ellen - 2:10 AM on September 26, 2012  

    i can’t use the softwave, can help ?
    when open the softwave it will open exception
    ” An error occurred. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate.”

    • By Rich Lee - 10:34 AM on September 26, 2012  

      Hi Ellen, do you have an older version of Edge Animate on your system? If so, you have to uninstall it manually first.

      I also recommend posting technical questions to our discussion forum, which is moderated by our team:


  • By Anthony - 12:24 AM on September 26, 2012  

    Where is the audio support! I’m gutted 🙁

    • By Rich Lee - 10:36 AM on September 26, 2012  

      Audio will be added in a future update…stay tuned!

      • By GJ - 11:50 AM on October 13, 2012  

        This would be spectacular. Is there any time frame for this??.

  • By SmithB - 1:58 PM on September 25, 2012  

    Where exactly would I be able to download the Animator.
    Searched for over an hour and didn’t succeed.

    Could you explain in detail?


    • By Rich Lee - 2:03 PM on September 25, 2012  

      Hi, are you running Windows XP?

  • By Dan - 1:56 PM on September 25, 2012  

    OK Adobe, can you make it any more complicated?
    I searched for over an hour for a way to download the free Animator Software and didn’t succeed.

    – Created Adobe ID
    – Browsed for a long time (no download link)
    – Got the Adobe Application Manager (Animate not in list of downloadable products)

    Still haven’t found a way to download.

    Could you please give directions on where to find Edge Animate?


    • By Rich Lee - 1:58 PM on September 25, 2012  

      Hey Dan, really sorry for the trouble. What operating system are you on?

      • By Dan - 2:00 PM on September 25, 2012  

        hey Rich, thanks for the quick answer.
        I tried on Linux and Win XP.

        • By Rich Lee - 2:02 PM on September 25, 2012  

          No prob Dan. Edge Animate does not support XP, so it’s not appearing in the list of apps. You need Windows 7 or 8 in order to run it (or Mac 10.6+).

          • By Dan - 2:19 PM on September 25, 2012  

            I’d need to get a Win7 first. How long will the offer be available?


    • By Rich Lee - 2:55 PM on September 25, 2012  

      Well it’s a limited offer, so I wouldn’t wait TOO long 🙂

  • By Tiffany - 12:09 PM on September 25, 2012  

    I’ve tried downloading the new Edge software from AAM with no luck. I keep getting an error that it is corrupted (-60). Doesnt get past 1% download. I’ve uninstalled preview 7, deleted AAM and restarted my machine and reinstalled AAM. Still no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • By Rich Lee - 1:40 PM on September 25, 2012  

      Hi, you have to install it from the Creative Cloud. From our dev team:

      “The installer will still live within the Creative Cloud experience through the Adobe Application Manager, so there isn’t a local copy of the installer like there was through Labs”

      • By Tiffany - 6:45 AM on September 27, 2012  

        I’ve tried installing through the cloud and through the aam and get an error and only gets to 1% download. Is there anything you can think of that I can do to get this downloaded?

  • By Robin - 11:38 AM on September 25, 2012  

    I don’t see where to download it… it’s not on my Cloud page.

    • By Rich Lee - 1:44 PM on September 25, 2012  

      Do you see the other Edge Tools & Services?

      Are you using Windows XP?

  • By Richard - 8:30 AM on September 25, 2012  

    Thank you for the update and new release, we are loving this tool and wish it every success.


    • By Rich Lee - 10:10 AM on September 25, 2012  

      😀 thanks!

  • By Pranco Park - 7:33 AM on September 25, 2012  

    Thank you. I love it.

    from South Korea.

    • By Rich Lee - 10:10 AM on September 25, 2012  

      Thank you!

  • By monKoda - 4:31 PM on September 24, 2012  

    Is there a changelog going from Preview 7 to 1.0?

    • By Rich Lee - 10:09 AM on September 25, 2012  

      Hello…there are no major functionality updates from Preview 7. We changed the project file extension to “an” and symbol library extension to “ansym.” The start-up screen has been updated, as well as some icon changes.


    • By Wendy Derzawiec - 2:38 PM on November 13, 2012  

      Has the free offer period lapsed? I don’t see Edge Animate available for free download on the site.

      • By Rich Lee - 4:46 PM on November 13, 2012  

        Hi Wendy,
        Edge Animate is still free. All you need to do is sign up for the free version of the Creative Cloud.