by Sarah Hunt


August 7, 2013

Hello Edge Animate lovers!

Today we’ve release an update to Edge Animate CC, fixing compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 11. This update is recommended for all users, ready for you to download at

View the full Edge Animate release notes here.

About this update:

Due to the evolving nature of the web, sometimes things break when newer browsers are released and we do our best to stay ahead of the game with compatibility as browsers progress. Animate uses the popular library yepnope for preloading your AN content, and this fix leverages an updated version of that library. Keep in mind that content created with Animate versions prior to CC (this includes 1.x and Preview versions) will face compatibility issues in IE11. We have two options for you to update your files:

Recommended: Load your Animate CC 2.0 composition in Animate CC 2.0.1, resave, and republish. Done!

Don’t want to go through the hassle of resaving already live content? No problem, there’s an easy manual fix.

Note: The below fix is not roundtrippable! If you load a changed file inside of an older version of Animate, the changed preloader will not save as Animate will overwrite the default preloader. Only use the below solution if you’re unable to resave your composition through the Animate CC update, or if you’re looking to update a completed project.

1)   Download the latest version of yepnope (1.5.4 as of this writing) from Github and open it up in a code editor.

Open yepnope.1.4.5-min.js








2)   Open yourAwesomeFile_edgePreload.js (it’ll say “Do not edit this file” at the top – don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

Open preload.js








3)   Copy the contents of  yepnope.1.5.4-min. js and paste into your preloader.js between:

if(!AdobeEdge.yepnope) {


AdobeEdge.yepnope = window.yepnope;

Replace the old yepnope code with the new code









Thanks for using Animate! If you have any questions, please direct them to our Animate user forums.

– The Edge Animate Team