by Rich Lee


October 24, 2013

Rush of a Lifetime

Websites that help build buzz for Hollywood movies are nothing new. But what is new is how they are created. For Universal Pictures’ new film Rush, the studio wanted a site that would build excitement for the movie. Concept Arts created a site that highlights famous daredevils and rivals in history using a parallax scrolling timeline created with Edge Animate.

“Edge Animate enabled us to cut our previous parallax development cycle in half,” says Aaron Nicholson, developer on the project. “Without it, we would not have been able to address this project’s business requirements while handling its complexity.”

Edge Animate enabled the team to cut its previous parallax development cycle in half. Developers were up to speed quickly, and even with the addition of new features were able to complete the site in less than four weeks. The parallax technique enhances rather than overwhelms the experience and social media integration makes it easy for users to share their own sports stories.

Read the full story here (PDF).

Rich Lee
Sr. Product Marketing Manager