by Sarah Hunt


January 21, 2014

Hello Edge Animate fans!

After months of intensive development from the Animate team, we’re proud to release a major update to Edge Animate CC (3.0) available right now with your Creative Cloud membership. This release comes jam-packed with brand new features, giving you the tools you need to keep pushing the boundaries of animating with HTML.

What will you find in this release?

Audio Support (!!)

Sound can be an essential component of any interactive multimedia experience. Whether it’s adding subtle sound effects or creating animated stories, audio will help you bring your narrative to life to enhance the experience of your viewer. We’re quite excited to bring you audio support using all the native HTML5 audio capabilities. This will let you import audio into your projects, synchronize sound with your timeline and easily control audio events with new snippets and playback controls. Since we’re using the browser as the player, anything you can do with sound in the browser you can do inside of Animate. Cool right?

We’ve put a lot of love into this feature and put together some documentation to help get you started. Check out Adding Audio to Your Animations to learn more.

Responsive Scaling

Creating motion for multiple screen sizes can be difficult. This is why we’re brought you responsive scaling to help your Animate projects scale up and down to fit different viewports. With this feature enabled, your projects will resize to fit whatever container you place it in and scale up and down as the container or browser resizes — keeping the aspect ratio of all your animations in place. To try it out, just check “Responsive Scaling” for the Stage properties, preview in the browser and watch the magic happen.

Script Loading

The web is beautiful in that there’s countless JavaScript libraries available which help you create anything you can imagine without having to write it yourself from scratch. If there’s anything we’ve learned from how you guys use Animate, it’s that you love bringing in JavaScript libraries to extend your compositions. Since Animate uses the open web to create your projects, it only made sense for us to easily allow you to bring in all your favourite libraries like Greensock, Edge Commons, jQuery UI and many more. In the library panel you’ll find a new section called “Scripts” — click the plus button to bring in that favourite JS library from your hard drive, or point to an online source. 

But wait, there’s more! Also included in this release are enhancements to OAM publishing, usability improvements for motion paths and object alignment, and other goodies to make your editing experience even better. To see an overview of all the new features, check out What’s New in 3.0.

Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Click on the “Install” button beside Edge Animate CC in your Creative Cloud desktop app to install, or visit and select “Download”.

Thanks to you, our loyal fans, for your ongoing feedback and support which help us drive what happens with each release. You rock. Happy animating!

Sarah Hunt
Product Manager, Adobe Web P&A


  • By Justin Hall - 7:07 PM on January 28, 2014  

    I have no idea if this is the right place for feature suggestions, but I can’t seem to find anywhere else so I’ll give it a shot…
    A Brightness/Lightness filter.
    Contrast, Hue and Saturation are already there, so why not Brightness?

    • By sahunt - 5:53 PM on January 30, 2014  

      Good question. While brightness is part of the CSS filters spec, it’s still quite buggy and led to a lot of unpredictable results when we tried to implement it in Animate. Not off the table for a release down the line if browser support improves!

      Also check out the Animate community forums for discussions on features, bugs, and anything else.


  • By HERNANDO MEJIA OSORIO - 9:14 PM on January 27, 2014  

    Buen día señores Adobe.

    He probado ”Adobe Edge Animate” y me parece genial, pero me encontré con este problema: la animación del intro me carga bien en Google Chrome pero en internet explorer 11 no carga… qué debo hacer?

  • By Ray Walsh - 8:34 AM on January 25, 2014  

    I noticed Peter wants a line tool – me too. In fact, a major drawback of Edge in comparison to Flash is the lack in Edge of the extensive Tools in Flash – even something as simple as a line tool. I have the trial version of Edge – trying to find a replacement for Flash. However, I need the Tools of Flash that are so sorely lacking in Edge.

  • By Todd - 11:28 AM on January 24, 2014  



    On a web page without edge.2.0.1.js loaded:


    -> null

    On a web page with edge.2.0.1.js loaded:


    -> TypeError: cannot read property ‘nodeType’ of undefined

    Edge monkey-patches jQuery’s height() function but doesn’t protect against being called on an empty array.

  • By Peter Villevoye - 2:19 PM on January 21, 2014  

    Great new features 🙂 Now, next up: a line tool, vertical text alignment, clean up the list of Script Editor buttons, and pure HTML5-output (no jQuery) for restricted animations.

  • By Kjell Erik Berg - 12:40 PM on January 21, 2014  

    Hi, the update to v3 does not appear in my Creative Cloud?

    • By sahunt - 10:21 PM on January 23, 2014  

      Hey Kjell, try restarting your Creative Cloud app and it should appear under “Find New Apps” and click “Install”.