by Tareq Aljaber


October 6, 2014

Today we launched a major update to Edge Animate CC! In just three short months since launching a jam-packed release with major new features, we’re happy to announce a new update with a 55% more optimized runtime, fewer project output files, and more. This release is a major milestone to provide web designers with tools and features to easily publish lightweight HTML animations across different screens.

The latest update to the 2014 of Edge Animate CC

The latest update to the 2014 of Edge Animate CC


Here’s what we’re delivering to you today:

Reduced supporting runtime size by 55%

The team has been hard at work to reduce the runtime size by 55%, both by compressing our own runtime and removing dependencies on JQuery. This means a smaller payload size and reduced number of downloads required for running compositions, giving you faster loading times when viewing projects on the web.

This is a significant milestone for Animate as we work towards delivering lightning fast animations on the web. We’ve also been working closely with our friends at the IAB to help bring Animate in alignment with emerging web guidelines for advertising, giving authoring to the world of HTML ads.

Save your images, media and scripts to custom folders

Save your images, media and scripts to custom folders

Save your images, media and scripts to custom folders


In previous releases of Edge Animate, you had limited control on where to publish your assets regardless of their type (images, audios, videos, etc.), making it difficult to organize your site files..

In this release, we’ve mainstreamed the publish workflow by re-engineering and redesigning the publish setting dialog to choose where to place your files at publish time for each type of asset (images, audios, videos, and scripts). No need to manually copy-paste and organize folders.

Fewer project output files to manage

One of the great improvements we’ve delivered this release is publishing fewer output files. Fewer project output files means fewer files to manage, which means more time to build beautiful animations. With the latest release a composition will only have one JavaScript file compared to three JavaScript files with previous releases.

New preloader options

The latest release of Edge Animate gives you the option and control whether to include the preloader into your HTML file, or have it as a separate JavaScript file. For small compositions, users might prefer to include it into the HTML file to reduce the number of required files that need to be downloaded, resulting in a faster load time.

With a 55% reduced runtime size, fewer published files, streamlined publish options and new preloader options the latest release of Edge Animate is giving you the lightweight tools you need to create animations on the web.. Download the latest release by visiting and start animating.

We can’t wait to see what you build with these new features, and we hope to get your feedback and input.

Happy Animating!

The Edge Animate Team



  • By Anndy - 6:20 AM on October 8, 2014  

    why don’t support Chinese?

  • By Lester De Meyer - 11:44 PM on October 7, 2014  

    Hi people,

    A big high 5 for the Adobe Edge Animate Team!
    The performance of my project(s) is even better now after this update.
    A huge difference is very noticable on mobile (iOS) too.

    Keep up the good work!
    Kind regards,

  • By Mariya - 4:01 AM on October 7, 2014  

    Hello! In this new version I can’t open old files anymore…
    When I open file that created in previous version new Edge want to upgrade the file, but then I receive “an error occurred while upgrading file”…

    And there is no way to download old version and to change old files 🙁

    here is the print-screen: