Edge Code and MAX 2013

MAX 2013 starts next week and it’s shaping up to be a really fantastic event for creatives of all stripes. There are a ton of great sessions across the tools in the Creative Cloud and we have some world class speakers who are going to be sharing their insight.


There are a number of sessions worth checking out across Edge Tools and Services but I wanted to highlight a few that are going to be specifically talking about Edge Code:

  • Introduction to Edge Code – This is a session that I’m giving and will give you an overview of how to use Edge Code, some of the principles behind the project, as well as a look at some features we have planned and how you can jump in and build extensions.
  • Playing CSS with Edge Code – This is a “Bring Your Own Device” lab where you’ll be walked through some of the features of Edge Code that make CSS editing easy and learn about some new CSS features.
  • Edge Tools & Services: A Complete Workflow – Paul Trani, evangelist extrordinare is going to lead a session on the complete Edge Tools and Services workflow so you’ll get a look at how all the parts fit together.
  • Edge Tools & Services: From Design to Mobile App – Another great session that shows the workflow across Edge Tools and Services, this one specifically focuses on mobile development.

I’ll also be at the Meet the Teams session so if you have questions or requests for Edge Code, come and find me.

Finally, there are a lot of great Brackets sessions that cover everything from using the product to contributing in various ways. You should also swing by the Brackets/PhoneGap hackathon which is going to be a great chance to jump into Brackets and make both it and Edge Code better!

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