Crush + Lovely: Fully committed to responsive design

Crush + Lovely is a design studio that likes projects with a purpose. Clients benefit from the multi-disciplinary approach the studio applies to everything from upfront creative brainstorming through to design, build, and implementation. Like many web design companies, Crush + Lovely is now fully committed to responsive design principles and it shows in the work the team does for its clients. All Adobe creative applications and services are accessed through Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, which makes it easy to deploy software and stay up to date on new product enhancements.

Recently, the studio created a web- and mobile-friendly site for Thankful Registry, a company that enables couples to create unique wedding gift registries and connect with their guests. The team designed device layouts in Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, used Adobe Edge Code CC to quickly code the site, and Adobe Edge Inspect CC to help ensure a consistent experience across devices. Since the launch of the Thankful Registry site, the company has seen a 27% increase in site registrations, with 20% of traffic coming from mobile devices.

The design work was handed off for coding in Adobe Edge Code CC, which greatly accelerated coding because the developer could simultaneously work on multiple layouts and preview changes to CSS, HTML, or JavaScript in real time in the browser without constantly saving and reloading. “The visual capabilities combined with the powerful code completion in Adobe Edge Code CC make it a huge timesaver for our developers,” says Blanchard.

Read the Crush + Lovely story to learn more about how they created Thankful Registry and their use of Edge Code CC.

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