Edge Code Preview 8

Great news — the latest update to Edge Code CC (Preview) is now available for May 2014!  To install (or update an existing install), simply open your Adobe Creative Cloud app and look for the install or update link in the Apps section.  Just click to install, and you’re on your way to much Code editing good-ness.

Based on Brackets Sprint 35 through 38, this latest release of Edge Code contains a number of new features and improvements, including:

  • Available now is the Shapes Editor Extension – create amazing, eye-catching textual designs by visually defining shapes in which your text flows across a page.
  • Multiple cursors / multiple selection text – increase your code editing productivity with the ability to set multiple cursor positions or make multiple selection ranges so that you can more efficiently do bulk edits, like renaming or replacing text.
  • New and improved Find / Replace functionality – a streamlined, cleaner UI provides access to an updated and optimized Find, Find in Files, and Replace functionality, including incremental search and highlighting, case-sensitive and regular expression toggles, and the ability to exclude specific files and folders from search.
  • Preferences for your Projects – an overhauled preferences system allows you to customize preferences per project or file type.  For example, you can set different indentation when editing HTML vs Javascript files.
  • CSS, SCSS and LESS Improvements – LESS files now offer code hints for CSS property names and values and support the Quick Docs feature for gaining instant access to documentation for CSS properties.  For CSS, SCSS and LESS files, there’s also a new step timing function editor which helps you visualize how a transition will proceed.
  • Improved Live Development – on Mac, you no longer have to restart Chrome to use Live Preview. It will now open as a separate window isolated from your normal browser session.  Also, on both Mac and Windows platforms, we’ve also made a number of improvements to make Live Preview more reliable.
  • Improved Startup Performance – We worked on optimizing the startup time of Brackets by minifying most of the JavaScript code and by pre-compiling the LESS stylesheets.  This resulted in faster startup performance and a smaller application footprint.

…and that’s just to name a few.  Be sure to check out our full release notes [insert link here to Preview 8 Release Notes] for more details.

Detailed Build Notes

For more information, check out the release notes for the Brackets releases that are rolled into this Edge Code May 2014 edition:

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