Getting Started with Edge Code Tutorial Series

If you haven’t already tried Edge Code, with the recent release of the latest Edge Code Preview, it’s worth giving the code editor another look. I recently recorded a series of tutorials for Creative Cloud Learn walking through getting started with Edge Code. Whether you are someone used to developing HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a full IDE like Dreamweaver or someone already using another lightweight code editor, Edge Code has some unique functionality and features to offer.

In the tutorial series, I walk through some of the basics of using the editor as well as some of the more advanced features, all using a provided sample project. The first video covers the core editor features like file handling and code hinting. In the second video, we look at some of the key differentiating features of Edge Code including Live Preview, Quick Edit and Quick Docs. In the final video, we look at Edge Code’s extensibility using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, how to use the included extensions and how to find, install and use community built extensions.

The series of three videos and walkthroughs should take less than 30 minutes to complete which will guide you to attain a good understanding on how to use Edge Code for your daily work.

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