New Edge Code Preview Released

We just dropped a new preview of Edge Code today. In your Creative Cloud app you should see that Edge Code has moved from “Your Apps” to “Find New Apps” if you’ve already installed it. Just click the “Install” button and it will start downloading the latest preview. If you’re using Edge Code you’ll also see a product notification icon telling you there’s a new version to download.

This preview includes all the goodness from Brackets Sprint 30 which means you’ll get function parameter hints while editing JavaScript, pagination for unlimited filed in file results, replace all, and some enhancements to files and folders.

We’ve also enhanced the Kuler feature so now in the inline color selector you have access to your favorited themes alongside your created Kuler themes as well as popular and random themes from the Kuler service.

Edge Code also includes a feedback button in the lower right hand corner. In this box you can provide us anonymous feedback about the product. Feel free to use this for feature requests, issues you encounter, or just general thoughts on the product.

In-product feedback feature

In-product feedback feature

You can see a full list of what’s new in this release here. Thanks for checking out Edge Code! We’re looking forward to getting your feedback.

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