Returning to our roots: Edge Code is now Brackets

We created the open source project Brackets because we wanted to build an awesome lightweight code editor for the developer community. From that, Edge Code was born and we put it into preview and added it to Creative Cloud to share with you right away. Since we launched, we’ve had 8 preview releases and received great feedback from you.

What’s Changing?

Adobe previously introduced a preview of Edge Code as a distribution of the Brackets project, delivering the core code editing capabilities available in Brackets together with additional capabilities powered by Creative Cloud.

As we’ve continued to make releases of both Edge Code and Brackets, customers have expressed concern over needing to make a choice between these tools, when at the core the feature set is the same. Adobe is committed to furthering the Brackets project and as such we will be focusing our efforts on contributing to the project as well as offering commercial extensions for Brackets that enable users to make use of Creative Cloud services; we will therefore no longer add features to or update Edge Code.

Moving from Edge Code to Brackets

We encourage you to download Brackets. As Brackets is the foundation for Edge Code, you will receive the same features and functionality that you enjoyed in Edge Code (except for Kuler). You can download both the Edge Inspect and Edge Web Fonts extension from the Brackets Extension Registry. If you have previously downloaded Edge Code, you can continue using that version.

Brackets is proving to be extremely popular with web designers and developers, with over 100,000 downloads per release, and celebrated its 1.0 release last week. Adobe is excited to contribute to the project and looks forward to bringing our Extract workflow, powered by the Creative Cloud, to Brackets users. Edge Code (Preview) will continue to be available from Creative Cloud for the foreseeable future, but will notify customers to get Brackets for future updates.

What next?

Read more about Brackets and download it today. We have some awesome features for you to try out.

Last but not least…

Thank you for being a part of the preview for Edge Code. We truly believe that Brackets will be a great product for your coding needs. Plus, we’re still here — deeply committed to the web and believing more than ever that we’re building a kickass code editor.

See you on the other side!

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