Update to Edge Code CC Available Now

The team just pushed out an update for Edge Code CC and if you’ve already got Edge Code installed you should start seeing update notifications over the next 24 hours. If you don’t have it installed, grab it now!


This update includes all of the goodies in Brackets Sprint 27 and 28 as well as integration with Kuler. The past couple of sprints we’ve been hard at work getting core functionality into the editor. This drop includes some file management features like Save As. (finally!) as well as New->Untitled. We’ve also made it possible to drag and drop files and folders directly on to Edge Code to open them.


We’re big fans of Kuler on the Edge Code team, especially the new iPhone app, and we wanted to bring the themes being created in Kuler to our visual tools in Edge Code. The result is that when you create themes in Kuler and are signed into the Creative Cloud, when you open up the inline color selector in Edge Code, you’ll see the normal color panel as well as a list of your created Kuler themes. This makes it easy to bring colors from your created themes directly into your code.

The Future

We’re hoping to do another release in about a month as part of our plan to release every other “sprint” (our team works in two and a half week “sprints”, or increments). We’ll be adding more and more core features to the editor over the coming sprints and we’re also going to be doing some work on supporting SASS so you can use all of the cool features of Edge Code with your SASS-based projects.

You can see the full release notes here for a full list of features and potential issues. Thanks a lot for checking out Edge Code CC!


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