Updated Edge Code CC (Preview) with Live Preview of HTML and More

The latest Edge Code preview has been released and the update should be waiting for you in your Creative Cloud app. Just click “Install”, and the update is yours!

What's New in Edge Code

We’ve uplifted everything Brackets has to offer as of Sprint 34, which means that you now get:

  • Live Preview of HTML: Changes to both CSS and HTML now appear in your browser as you type! It’s never been quicker to iterate on a design.
  • Create New Rule in CSS Quick Edit: CSS Quick Edit now lets you add a new rule to one of your CSS files with just a click or two (see below).
  • Preview Images: You no longer have to leave Edge Code to view an image file from your project, or discover its dimensions. You can even find out the pixel coordinates of points within your image.
  • Visual Editor for CSS Bezier Functions: Take the guesswork out of defining timing for your CSS animations and transitions by using the visual quick editor for Bezier timing functions.
  • Create New Rule in CSS Quick Edit

    Create New Rule in CSS Quick Edit

    There have been many other improvements made to the Edge Code user interface (including a shiny, new dark themed shell), find/replace, SCSS support and more. Take a look at the full release notes for the details.

    We hope you enjoy this new release. Let us know what you think by clicking the feedback button in Edge Code.

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