Shadow – Labs Release 3 Now Available

Adobe Shadow Labs Release 3 now available on Adobe Labs

Shadow has been updated on Labs, the iTunes Store, Google Play market, Chrome Web Store and Android App Store for Android. Important: The entire Shadow system must be updated, as we covered in a previous post. If you need help with updating, please ask on the Shadow Community Forums.

New Features in Shadow Labs Release 3

Screenshots — Screnshots can now be cpatured from any or all Shadow devices, and are returned to the computer. Use the Action menu on Shadow devices to take one screenshot. Use the Chrome Extension to click a single button to grab screenshots from all your connected devices. Screenshots are stored in ../username/Documents/Shadow/ on OSX, and ..usernameDocumentsShadow on Windows.

Cache Management — Use the Pull to Refresh gesture on Shadow devices to clear the cache on one device, and the Refresh All button in the Chrome Extension to clear the cache for all connected Shadow devices.

HTTPS Support — Use unsigned SSL certificates during development. Connected Shadow devices will now provide a dialog prompting you to accept an unsigned certificate.

If you’d like to see the new Labs Release 3 features in action, check out our new AdobeTV video.

Please try Shadow Labs Release 3 and let us know what you think on the Shadow Community Forums. We’re listening, and your feedback is important to us as we build the next versions of Shadow.

Bruce Bowman
Shadow product manager
twitter: @brucebowman, @adobeshadow

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