Announcing Adobe Edge Inspect!

Adobe Edge Inspect is available for immediate download and use

Edge Inspect, which was formerly codenamed Shadow, is a new preview and inspection tool for web designers and developers.Adobe Edge Inspect graphic image

Edge Inspect – simplifying mobile web workflows

Edge Inspect allows you to easily pair multiple smartphones and tablets with your computer and enables you to work more efficiently when creating mobile web content. Edge Inspect saves you from having to type URLs in your device’s browser, and remotely controls the devices to stay in sync as you browse in Google Chrome. When you identify a problem on a device, Edge Inspect lets you use remote inspection to inspect the DOM from the device using familiar web inspection tools, and shows changes on the device instantly. Edge Inspect also keeps your devices’ screens from dimming or falling asleep, provides cache clearing, and allows you to easily grab screenshots from all of your devices.

Edge Inspect is part of the new Edge Tools and Services which is a set of offerings for web designers and developers looking to create beautiful mobile-ready content and apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Focused on specific tasks, Edge Tools and Services work well together, individually or with other tools to design, animate, code, package, and deliver content and apps.

Get Edge Inspect now!

You can can get started with all the Edge Tools and Services by signing up for a free or paid Creative Cloud membership.

If you’re already a Creative Cloud member, you can download and begin using the full version of Edge Inspect and the other Edge Tools and Services today, at no additional charge – they’re included with your Creative Cloud membership.

If you are not yet a Creative Cloud member, you can join for free, and begin enjoying the benefits of the free Creative Cloud membership, which includes the free version of Edge Inspect.

The Edge Inspect Chrome Extension, iOS app and Android app will become available in the various marketplaces throughout the day. The Edge Inspect app for Kindle Fire devices will be available tomorrow. If you check and find that they are not yet available, check back a little later.

Edge Inspect free vs. Edge Inspect full version

The Edge Inspect full version does not limit the number of concurrent device connections you can have. The free version has access to all of the full version features including Synchronous Browsing, Remote Inspection, Screenshots, cache clearing, localhost support, HTTP authentication, and HTTPS support – but is limited to one concurrent device connection. We hope this will allow you to use all of the features of Edge Inspect, and determine whether an upgrade is right for you.

To use the full version of Edge Inspect and connect an unlimited number of devices, a paid Creative Cloud membership or an upgrade to the full version of Edge Inspect at USD $9.99/month is required.

Join the Edge Inspect community!

Join the conversation with the Edge Inspect community on our new Community Forums. Exchange best practices, learn from others, discuss web development, and get assistance with questions. It’s your community too, so come join the conversations.

We hope you enjoy using Edge Inspect as much as we enjoyed making it for you.
— the Edge Inspect team

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