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Reflow New and Improved!

By Jacob Surber on April 2, 2013 in Update

It has been six weeks since we launched the first preview of Edge Reflow.  I want to thank all of you who have downloaded Reflow, given it a try and told us what you are looking for in a next generation web design tool.  The team has been hard at work on our next preview release, and today I’m excited to announce that it is available to download from Creative Cloud.

The new release focuses on three key areas: improved layout capabilities, more powerful styling features, and performance and stability.


In terms of layout, one of the most frequent requests we have received from web designers is the ability to leverage absolute and fixed positioning, as well as their z-index.  These new layout types provide the flexibility to create the responsive designs you envisioned.

Here’s a great example: Imagine that you have a navigation bar at the top of your design that you would like the user to see regardless of their position on the page.  Using fixed positioned element, you can ensure that the navigation bar will always be visible to the end-user, even as the page is scrolled down.


One of the primary goals of Reflow is to provide web designers with the best tool possible to express their creativity on today’s web.  In this update to Reflow, we focused primarily on two styling enhancements.  First, we are introducing inline text styling.  Select and style text in a text block, just as you would expect.  Reflow will use <span> tags and show the CSS for all of the design changes you make (e.g. font sizes, color, etc).  Second, we have also enhanced the color picker in Edge Reflow.  With this release, you can control the luminosity of the color, providing you with a fine-grained level of control to help you determine your design palette.

Workflow and Performance

One of our top requests has been the ability to name your elements.  This helps to keep your projects organized, especially as they grow more complex.  This is our first pass on this feature, which will grow to propagate the name of the elements through the HTML and CSS.  In addition, we’ve overhauled our margin visualization to provide a cleaner more informative UI.

Performance and stability was a major focus for the team.  We addressed tons of bugs and hopefully solved the crashing issue that we heard from some of you.  The feedback that we receive via Twitter (@Reflow) and the bugs that you logged on Github take a high priority.  Being responsive to your feedback is something that is extremely important to the team and me!

Head to the Creative Cloud and download the latest update to Edge Reflow.  If you have previously installed the application, you can click the little “present” icon on the right side of the screen to learn about the new features available in the latest version.

Keep the feedback coming!  We love to hear about successes and challenges as you create real-world projects using Reflow.  Please feel free to tweet us @Reflow, so we can follow up with you!

Make sure you check out Adobe MAX, where you can learn more about what’s coming next for Reflow and for the rest of Adobe’s creative tools.

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