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What’s New in Edge Reflow (Preview 7)

By Colene Chow on January 14, 2014 in Update

We’re excited to share Reflow Preview 7! This new update helps you get up to speed with Reflow quickly, so you can create awesome responsive designs without a huge learning curve.

New Starter Experience

It takes time to learn a new tool, even one that has the potential to make your job easier.  Maybe you’ve heard about Reflow but were too busy to try it out.  Or maybe you’ve played with Reflow, but weren’t sure where to start or didn’t get as far as you’d like.

With the help of Paul Trani, we’ve created 11 short tutorial videos to walk you through each step in creating a responsive design in Reflow.  Choose which step you’re most interested in learning or watch them all to get a better understanding of Reflow and designing for the web.

For hands-on learners, we added a new Welcome Project that’s available when you first launch Reflow.  In later launches, you can find it from the Help->Open Welcome Project menu.  It’s an interactive introduction to Reflow that is also an actual responsive Reflow project!  Check it out, change it, learn about what Reflow can do, and save the project as your own to customize it more.


New Time Saving Features

Thanks to all your great feedback, we’ve added:

• Add forms to your design with the new Form Elements, including buttons, select drop-downs, text inputs, check-boxes and radio buttons


• Demonstrate interactivity in your design using the hover, focus and active states


• Create links across multiple pages to show navigation


• Move objects intuitively in the layout with the new insertion caret


• Working with groups (command/ctrl G) and elements within groups is now much easier and more intuitive


• Search and filter your assets using the new search field in the Asset panel


Watch this video to learn more about new features in Preview 7 and read the complete release notes on the Reflow forums.  While you’re there, please tell us about your impressions and how we can make Reflow even better.  We’d also love to hear from you about designs that you’ve created using Reflow.  Please contact us via Twitter, Facebook, or the Reflow Forum.

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