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Five Useful Things You Can Do With Reflow Right Now

By Colene Chow on March 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Our friends over at Tuts+ Web Design recently posted this helpful Reflow article, Five Useful Things You Can Do With Adobe Reflow Right Now:

“Edge Reflow is a relatively new program from Adobe, having been announced in 2012 and released in February 2013, with the elevator pitch of enabling you to “Design the responsive web” and “Create beautiful responsive designs”. The tricky part is that right now you can’t actually use it directly to create responsive websites, only responsive designs.

This means you can open up Reflow and use its visual design interface to create fully functioning design prototypes, with color schemes, layouts, form elements, links and text content in place. You can preview your design both within the tool and in Chrome, and you can set breakpoints, make your design responsive then preview it for mobile through Adobe’s Edge Inspect tool.”

Author Kezz Bracey covers 5 handy things you can do with Reflow right now, like adding text effects:

Creating Text Effects

With Reflow’s CSS3 settings you can create some pretty awesome text effects, again in a similar way to creating text layer styles in Photoshop. All these styles could be created via hand coding, but the ability to see your tweaks in real time can be invaluable. Here are a few example pure CSS text effects and the settings used to create them.

3D Text


Settings used (credit:




Settings used:


Glow Text


Settings used:


Read more of the article and learn the other 4 things you can do with Reflow on Tuts+ Web Design!


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