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Preview 7.2 Update

By Nick Halbakken on March 25, 2014 in Update

We’re squashing bugs!  Thanks to your help, we’ve been able to isolate and fix some key issues, and we wanted to make sure you had these fixes as soon as possible.

Look for an updated Edge Reflow CC (Preview) in your Creative Cloud desktop application and choose “Install”. You should begin seeing it available within the next 24 hours or you can restart the Creative Cloud desktop application to get it immediately.

Our Preview 7.2 Update includes the following fixes:
•    CSS is no longer lost when opening a Reflow project directly from the Mac Finder / Windows Explorer (Github Issue 133).  Special thanks to one of our users, Mike Medina, who reported this on the forums and helped us track down steps for this bug that has been eluding us!
•    Adding a link to an element no longer changes the element’s size (Github Issue 129).
•    Reparenting an element no longer causes a sibling element to move.
•    On Macs with dual GPUs, the integrated GPU is now used, to reduce power usage.
•    We removed the non-functional “Preferences” item in the Edge Reflow menu on Mac.

Talk To The Team

We’ve also received some great input from you through our “Talk To The Team” button. FeedbackButton  We’re putting together a blog post with an FAQ in response to this.  Stay tuned!  Please note: if you use “Talk To The Team,” it’s submitted anonymously, so include your email, twitter handle or other contact info, if you’d like us to respond directly to you.

Tell us more
We’re listening! Keep in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook. We’re very active on the Reflow Forum and read all of the “Talk To The Team” feedback we receive. We’d still like to hear what you think about the Photoshop import. What works and doesn’t work for you?  Let us know!

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