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Hot New Features in Preview 8: Improved PS import, export code & more!

By Colene Chow on June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Edge Reflow team is excited to announce the release of Preview 8. The team has been hard at work to help you get started more easily Photoshop, be more productive in Reflow, and go further when you finish your project in Reflow.

Watch the videos
Get up to speed with this release by watching our two new videos. Reflow Product Manager, Divya Manian, walks you through:

New features and improvements in Preview 8
What's new in Preview 8

Photoshop Import improvements in detail
PS Import

Here are the goodies we have in this release:

Improved Photoshop Import

Importing your web design from Photoshop CC is now easier. You’ll get an interface for more fine-grained control of layers during import, improved auto-grouping and fixing inconsistencies in font sizes and line heights, support for SVG in Photoshop import, and better error messages when import fails.

Support for Local Fonts
Now you can choose from local fonts for your Reflow project, not just web-safe or web fonts.

New Elements Panel
The Elements panel can now be kept active permanently and is displayed on the right side of Reflow’s workspace. Photoshop users, this will feel similar to the layers panel in PS (and the same shortcut key too – F7).

Copy/Paste/Multi Drag
Copy/paste single or multiple elements using ⌘+C and ⌘+V within the same page or between pages. You can also select multiple elements, drag and place them where you want.

Export Code for Editing
You can now export code from Reflow! Move easily from design to development by exporting CSS snippets or code from Reflow and get started with your favorite code editor. Click File > Export for Code Editor (⌘+E on a Mac or Ctrl + E on Windows).

New Feedback UI
You can now type in your email address when you give us feedback using the in-app feedback button Feedback button. This way, we can reach out to you if we need to get more information from you to fix bugs or suggest solutions to your problems. We love to hear from you and get your thoughts while you’re using the product so talk to us!

You can also read the complete release notes on the Reflow forums. While you’re there, please tell us your thoughts on how we can make Reflow better. We’d also love to hear from you about designs that you’ve created using Reflow. You can chat with us via Twitter, Facebook, or the Reflow Forum.

Having problems connecting to Photoshop after the update?
Photoshop CC 2014 changes the folder location for Reflow’s PS plugin. Please update to Photoshop CC 2014 before updating to Reflow Preview 8. If you’ve already updated Reflow, you can either reinstall Reflow after updating Photoshop OR run the standalone plugin installer for MAC or WIN 32 | 64.

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