Adobe contributes improvements to open source font family Rosario

When we launched Edge Web Fonts last year, we partnered with our friends at Google to make many of the open source fonts originally commissioned by the Google Fonts project available through Edge Web Fonts as well. Along with Adobe’s own contribution of the open source fonts Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro, the move demonstrated our shared ongoing commitment to improving fonts on the web and making them more broadly accessible.

Now, we’re excited to contribute further by applying our font expertise to improving a number of the open source fonts that are available in both Google Fonts and Edge Web Fonts. Efforts include hinting some fonts for better rendering at smaller sizes, plus a number of other optimizations aimed at both file size efficiency and design consistency. All of these contributions will themselves remain open source.

The first fruit of these efforts is our improvement of the wonderful Rosario family, a humanist sans serif from Omnibus Type.


Of the various optimizations we’ve made here, we’re particularly pleased with how our addition of TrueType hinting has benefited Rosario’s rendering at smaller text sizes.


This new version is available now via Edge Web Fonts, Typekit, Google Fonts, and Omnibus Type.

We’re delighted to be a part of efforts to improve typography on the web, and we look forward to contributing more of our expertise in the future. Watch this blog for updates. Read more on the Google Fonts Blog.

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