Adobe contributes improvements to open source typeface Alegreya

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving typography on the web, we’ve contributed a set of improvements to the open source typeface Alegreya, an award-winning serif designed by Juan Pablo del Peral for Huerta Tipográfica.


Our improvements began with a series of optimizations to both the Alegreya and Alegreya SC families, including vertical metrics adjustments for cross-browser layout consistency and the addition of common glyphs like the soft hyphen. Next, given this typeface’s particular suitability for the reading of longform texts, we also invested in additions and touch-ups to the TrueType hinting in several of its styles for improved cross-browser rendering at paragraph text sizes. We’re quite pleased with the results:


The new versions of Alegreya and Alegreya SC are available now via Edge Web Fonts, Typekit, and Huerta Tipográfica. They’ll be available via Google Fonts soon as well.

These contributions will themselves remain open source, joining those we’ve already made to the Rosario family as part of a broader effort to apply our font expertise to improving a number of the open source fonts that are available in both Google Fonts and Edge Web Fonts. We look forward to collaborating with Google on more contributions in the future. Watch this blog for updates.

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