Welcome to the new Adobe Technologies in Education Blog!
Product and technology experts from Adobe Systems around the world are invited to post information pertaining to Adobe products and their uses in the field of education.
The primary purpose of this blog is to convey information about new and existing Adobe technologies and share relevant information pertaining to Adobe technologies in education such as novel and innovative uses, best practices, case studies, tips and tricks, and more.
We hope that you will find the information posted here useful and informative. We are always interested in hearing you comments and opinions and invite your participation!
Best regards,
John Schuman
Worldwide Education Solutions Architect
Adobe Systems Inc.

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  1. Mike Lougee says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but your secure HTTPS: isn’t linking, but HTTP: works fine.
    Also, I don’t find your e-m anyplace on the blog, which might be useful.
    Cheers, Mike Lougee.