A new generation of eLearning tools has been announced

This has been a big week for those of us on the Adobe Education team. Adobe has announced all new versions of two powerful tools for education and eLearning. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7 and Adobe Presenter 7. Both products are packed with new features, many of which were suggested by our education customers.
One really significant new feature of this release pertaining to education is a complete integration solution for Blackboard (version 7.3 or higher).
Here are some of the highlights:
• Administrators can download, deploy and configure the integration solution in just a few short minutes.
• Educators can quickly and easily create, manage, and access Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro meetings or virtual classrooms from within a Blackboard course or community.
• Educators can view attendance reports on Connect Pro 7 meetings or virtual classrooms from any of several Connect Pro access point within Blackboard.
• Educators can easily assign course enrollees or community members to an online meeting or classroom.
• Students can view and access any scheduled or assigned meetings or classes right from the initial sign-in or home page.
• Single sign-on. No need to enter credentials a second time when attending or managing a meeting or virtual classroom.
Creating an Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting in a Blackboard Course.
There will be more detailed information about Blackboard integration and Adobe Acrobat Connect 7 in the coming days. I will be posting the links as they become available.
You can find more detailed information about this very exciting release of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro here.

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  1. Themis Chapsis says:

    Great news!
    Thanks for the info.
    Please, fix the link
    in last line.

  2. David Klepinger says:

    Where can I find e-learning on using Adobe Presenter?