Acrobat 9 Customization wizard is now available

The Acrobat 9 Customization Wizard for Windows is a tool to help you deploy Acrobat 9 in an environment where you need to control the deployment of Acrobat. From our website:

“Adobe Customization Wizard 9 is a free downloadable utility designed to help IT professionals take greater control of enterprise-wide deployments of Adobe® Acrobat® 9 and Adobe Reader® 9. With it you can customize the Acrobat installer and application features prior to deployment. Providing a graphical interface to the Windows Installer for Acrobat, the Customization Wizard enables IT administrators to:

  • Modify the installer via a transform file (MST file) without altering the original package (MSI file)
  • Customize the look and feel of Acrobat or Reader before deployment to meet the unique needs of your user base

Adobe Customization Wizard 9 works with the Adobe Acrobat 9 family:

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
  • Adobe Reader 9"

Get it and learn more at:

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