Adobe Presenter 7 "Connect Cards"

Adobe Education Leader (AEL) Dave Forrester from Olympia High School in Washington State has the most unique web based business card I’ve ever seen an educator use, and he made it entirely with Adobe’s Presenter 7 software – a simple and inexpensive Power Point plug-in.

Dave also uses Adobe’s Acrobat Connect Pro to share his Connect Card with his education associates and colleagues around the globe but do note, you don’t even have to have an Acrobat Connect Pro account to host your Connect Card; a link to the actual file will do just fine since your card is simply a .SWF file (Adobe Flash).

Dave’s Connect Card has a picture of Dave, email link, his bio, a streaming audio overview, his contact information, his school’s URL, several blog links, Adobe, web, training resources and much more.

To learn more about Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, and our awesome AELs (Adobe Education Leaders program) including Dave Forrester, click on any of the links here. To see an example of my Connect Card, check it out here.


Richard John Jenkins

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