Adobe Presenter 7 quiz issue

For those using Adobe Presenter 7 (if you are not familiar with Presenter, check out our previous blog entry Presenter Cards), you may have noticed an issue with quizzes.

Let’s start with what you can do. In Presenter, you can build a quiz into your project to assess the students’ attainment of the information. Each question in a quiz can be weighted and count towards an overall score. Based on that score, you can allow a user to pass or fail the quiz, and by choosing a behavior, have them jump to a particular slide in the presentation or to a URL. Often the URL is either another Presenter project (moving them to the next level of material) or the URL of the project with the quiz the userfailed to make them review the material. Either way, it is useful to employ the behaviors as instant feedback and action based on the results of a quiz. See an example by clicking on the following link: Quiz Example. Attached to the quiz is the PowerPoint project file (I didn’t use any audio to keep the file small. Feel free to experiment with it).

However, there is one thing to note. You need to add at least one content slide after the quiz results page so the project has time to load the URL. This is true even if you don’t ever jump to that slide. In the example project there is a slide that simply displays the phrase, “Thank you.” You never see it, but it’s there and it needs to be for the project to correctly jump to an external URL. This problem does not occur when you create a quiz that jumps to another slide (which is alomost irrelevant anyway–it’s rare in my experience that you wouldn’t have at least one slide after the quiz results in such a case).

For more about Adobe Presenter, check out the Adobe Presenter 7 page on Also, be aware that there is an update available for Adobe Presenter. Learn more about that in the Knowledgebase Article about the Presenter update to 7.1.

One Response to Adobe Presenter 7 quiz issue

  1. brian demarea says:

    Have you ever had a problem with the quiz jumping completely over the quiz results page to the directed slide or URL? Normally the “continue” button performs the action upon pass/fail, but sometimes once the user completes the last question in the quiz it jumps to the pass or fail designation. its driving me crazy!
    Try adding a single slide after the results page (it can be blank or contain stuff). If the results page currently is your very last slide sometimes issues happen like you described here.