Education resources for educators

Whether you need to find curricula, lessons and activities, White papers, and other resources to help you teach, Adobe Education has what you’re looking for.
For yearlong, project-based curricula that develop career and communication skills, please check out the following:
Visual design: Foundations of design and print production.
For a year-long, project-based curriculum that develops ICT, career, and communication skills in print and graphic design using Adobe tools. You can use the Visual Design curriculum in career and technical education courses and in courses involving photography, graphic design, and English/language arts.
Digital design: foundations of web design.
Digital Design is a year-long curriculum guide that develops ICT skills in web design and production using Adobe web tools. You can use Digital Design in career and technical education courses as well as general web design classes.
Digital video: Foundations of video design and production.
The Digital Video project-based curriculum develops career and communication skills in video production, using Adobe tools. You can use the Digital Video curriculum in career and technical education courses as well as courses involving video use in academic courses.
Rich Internet application (RIA) teaching resources.
These resources provide a combination of online workshop modules for self-study, course projects to apply the skills learned, and book recommendations to put together a course on RIA design and development.
For educational White Papers dealing with issues such as eLearning, digital communication, Electronic Thesis and Dissertation solutions, Visual literacy, and more, please check out Adobe in Education White Papers.
For educational articles on a variety of topics, please check out Adobe in Education Articles.
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