It’s twins! New versions of Photoshop and Premiere Elements due soon

Photoshop Elements 7 and Premiere Element 7 box picture

Announced on 8/26/08, Adobe will be shipping updated versions of its consumer-focused image editing and video applications, Photoshop Elements 7 and Premiere Elements 7. They can be purchase separately or bundled together. You can pre-order your own copies on Adobe’s website, or check with your reseller if you are buying for your school.

You may ask, “Aren’t these just scaled down versions of your professional applications with all the powerful/cool stuff taken out?” Absolutely not! The Elements products have many powerful tools like; advanced selection tools, layers, effects, transistions, color keying (green screening), and more. The Elements applications are just better geared for those getting started with digital media. They include organizers for your media, images and templates that are ready to use, pre-made projects that you can easily add your photos and videos to, and more. They are are also ideal for expanding the use of media into traditional school subjects like math and science, because you can build a mock newscast or commercial on a topic without being a media pro.

You may also ask, “Are these applications just on Windows?” Pretty much, we do have Photoshop Elements 6 available for Mac, but typically Photoshop Elements releases for the Mac have lagged behind Windows releases. We also don’t have Premiere Elements on the Mac. Why? With a bevy of media tools in Apple’s iLife, that is included for free on their computers, the Adobe product teams believe it is better to focus on the Windows platform that does not have these tools. That said, the Elements products have a lots of great things to offer that you won’t find in iLife. If you think Adobe should be making Elements products for the Mac, fill out a feature request form and let the product teams know.

Check out all the new features on the product page, and stay tuned to our blog for updates on all the cool things you can do in the classroom with the Elements twins.

2 Responses to It’s twins! New versions of Photoshop and Premiere Elements due soon

  1. keith says:

    Thanks for the info about new releases & Elements vs PS. I still haven’t really figured out what Elements doesn’t have vs PS.
    In my photoshop classes I have students using both apps and that’s about the only time I discover the differences. Um, no patch tool for instance. And stuffs in different places.
    — Robert’s Reply —
    The biggest difference in Photoshop Elements (PsE) is that it includes tons of pre-made projects, templates, images, and guided “How to’s” to help amateurs get started. There are a few tool differences, but the biggest limitation in PsE is that it does not support CMYK, the color space used in professional printing.!
    The editing mode is intentionally similar to Photoshop CS3. Once you learn PsE and you want to move to Photoshop for professional work, you don’t need to relearn image editing. Thanks!

  2. keith says:

    Thanks for the info & speedy reply. Yep, I forgot about those templates & PsE also has a great slide show feature. Think Layer styles is missing from PsE. Seems like some PS features got their start in PsE.
    — Robert’s Reply —
    You’re right. The “Quick Selection Tool” in Photoshop CS3 was added AFTER Element introduced this tool. Photoshop users saw no reason why selections should be much easier for amateurs, and we agreed.