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The “Adobe Education Technologies” blog is a true team effort. Founded by John Schuman, it now hosts ten authors from Adobe’s education community across the globe. Shortly after the blog’s start, John graciously allowed the Education System Engineers at Adobe to join him. With such a broad team we can offer frequent updates, a variety of expertise, and different points of view. Subscribe to our RSS feed or just visit frequently to see what’s new and pick up some knowledge to help you use Adobe technology in education. Learn more about each of us …

Photo of John SchumanJohn Schuman
Solutions Architect
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Los Angeles, California

John Schuman currently holds the title of Senior Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Systems Inc. John has almost twenty years of experience in the field of digital imaging with over ten of those years focused primarily on web design and graphic technology. John joined Macromedia in 1998 following several years of digital imaging production experience in the San Francisco Bay Area and subsequently served as regional Solutions Engineer for Macromedia in Singapore from 1999 to 2001 where he spoke to thousands of Web professionals across the Asia/Pacific region at seminars and industry events. Upon returning to the U.S. in 2001, he took the role of Senior Education Solutions Engineer, focusing primarily on Higher Education in the North American region. John currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Photo of Robert McDanielsRobert McDaniels
Education SE Manager
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. McDaniels has held a variety of technical positions since joining Adobe in May of 2000. He has been an Applications Engineer, a Business Analyst, and a Senior Systems Engineer. In these roles he has supported Adobe’s web authoring tools, print publishing tools, digital video applications, and enterprise server solutions. In his current role as the Education SE Manager, he works with Adobe’s education sales team to meet with Adobe’s education customers and help them find the software solutions they need for teaching, creativity, and productivity. He earned a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, and is a Creative Suites Master Certified Expert and a Certified Technical Trainer.

Photo of Sam Wong
Sam Wong
Solutions Engineer
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

Sam Wong joined Adobe Systems in early 2008 as a Solutions Engineer, specializing in Flash & Flex Frameworks. In his current role, Sam covers HED and K-12 in Canada. Sam’s background comes from the developer aspect, where he’s managed & directed fully Flash Based Web development studios. Prior to that, Sam was a Database Architect with Oracle & SQL servers, then moving onto several years of Microsoft .NET development, before finally switching into Flex development. He earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo, where he specialized in Artificial Intelligence. Sam is an Adobe Certified Expert in Flash, FlashLite, Flex, Acrobat, Lightroom, Onlocation, Premiere Pro, Encore and lightroom.

Photo of Tom PetrilloTom Petrillo
Senior Solutions Engineer
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Tom Petrillo is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Adobe Systems. He has been with Adobe System for 13 years working in a variety of roles with publishing, printing and advertising customers. His focus is InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. Prior to joining Adobe Systems, Tom provided training on scanners, imagesetters, and imposition products for Linotype-Hell. He has also worked as a commercial photographer and taught photography at the university level.
On a personal note Tom enjoys hiking and photographing in the American Southwest. His photographs of Rock Art an Ansazi dwellings have recently been on exhibit at the Museum of the American Indian in Evanston, Il.

Photo of Richard John JenkinsRichard John Jenkins
Senior Systems Engineer
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Ventura, California

Richard John Jenkins’ background is in the Photojournalism, Film, Screenwriting, Neon Design, Multimedia, Web Publishing Tools, Technology Training, and Search Engine Marketing industries. During his varied career Richard aligned himself with Macromedia Inc. (acquired by Adobe Systems). He was invited to join Macromedia’s esteemed Systems Engineer (SE) team in 1998 focusing on the HED and K12 markets. As part of the Macromedia SE team Richard evangelized Macromedia’s products to over 38,000 people at over two hundred fifty schools, twenty five user groups, one hundred thirty seven companies, plus presenting at dozens of public seminars, workshops, webinars and webcast all over the U.S. and Canada. Richard has also worked for Corel Inc. as their Education Business Development Manager where he resurrected their dormant education markets. Richard is also a recognized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) expert in the top three search engine PPC systems: MSN AdCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords. Richard currently has a bestselling SEO training series produced by on

Photo of Brian ChauBrian Chau
Education Sales Engineer
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Australia and New Zealand

Brian Chau is the Education Sales Engineer for Adobe Australia and New Zealand. Brian has been working for Adobe/Macromedia for over 10 years and is an Adobe Certified Expert in Dreamweaver and Flash. Brian is very experienced in web technologies and is a frequent speaker at Adobe seminars, tradeshows and education events. He also has his own blog at where he shares his knowledge and thoughts on Adobe software.
Apart from work, Brian has great interests in all the latest and greatest (or smallest) electronic gadgets. He dreams one day he can have a robot that can be his lifelong friend/partner.

Photo of Rick MillerRick Miller
Senior Systems Engineer
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Pasadena, California

Rick Miller is a Senior Solutions Engineer for Education at Adobe Systems where he helps Adobe’s education customers find the solutions they need to enhance the pedagogical experiences of their students. Before working at Adobe Systems, Rick taught Photoshop/Digital Imaging at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and Digital Design at Cal Poly Pomona University, so he’s cognizant of the unique challenges that face educators. Rick is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Acrobat Connect. Additionally, Rick is an expert in color management. Moreover, Rick is a professional photographer who is certified on the Leaf and Phase One digital backs. Rick continues to consult with Law Enforcement agencies in the Forensic application of Photoshop.

Photo of Patrick KosterPatrick Koster
Senior Solutions Engineer
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Orlando, Florida

Patrick joined Adobe Systems in 2006 as a senior solutions engineer. In his current role he works with Adobe’s education sales team to understand and address the technology needs of K-12 administrators, faculty, and students using Adobe software and solutions. For eight years prior to joining the company Patrick provided hands-on Adobe training and consulting for customers across the United States as an Adobe Certified Instructor. He earned a bachelor of science in systems engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, and is a multiple product Adobe Certified Expert and Certified Technical Trainer.

Photo of Timothy Plumer, Jr.Timothy Plumer, Jr.
Senior Solutions Engineer
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Gorham, ME

Tim (or Mr. Plumer) has been working with and for Adobe since 1998. He has covered products as diverse as Adobe’s print tools, the web tools, the Acrobat family of products, and our technical publishing product line. In his current role as a Sr. Solutions Engineer for the Education sales team, he works to place Adobe technologies into the context of the needs of our Higher Education customers. Tim has worked in and around Higher Education since leaving the University of Maine system in 1992 with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology. He has worked in Student Life and has taught–as faculty–ways to use Adobe Creative Suite software in an efficient communications workflow. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Acrobat 8, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional 7, and Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software, and uses those tools to support his is current passion for eLearning. He enjoys helping people to best extend the reach and effectiveness of teaching through the use of Adobe technologies such as PDF and Flash.

Photo of Steve AdlerSteve Adler
Solutions Engineer, Acrobat Specialist
Adobe Systems, Inc.
New York, New York

Steve Adler joined Adobe Systems in 2008 as an Acrobat Specialist and is now a member of the distinguished solutions team for Adobe’s North American Education Group. After working for many years in as a certified educator, technology coordinator, and education consultant, Steve’s focus is on integrating Adobe solutions with a special emphasis on Acrobat for education. Prior to joining Adobe Steve developed training and curricula; consulting with schools, universities, and corporations on effectively integrating a variety of Adobe applications in the workplace and the eLearning environment. Working extensively with commercial publishing, media, advertising, and legal firms has given him valuable insight on how to best integrate Adobe’s offerings across the educational landscape for building strong communications and collaboration skills. Steve has served on numerous faculties including The School of Visual Arts in New York and Stanford University’s Digital Media Academy. He is passionate about empowering the educational community to improve educational processes, integrate curriculum, and prepare learners for the challenges ahead.

Photo of Scott TrudeauScott Trudeau
Senior Solutions Engineer,
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Corpus Christi,Texas

Scott has a graduate degree in Educational Technology and spent five years integrating Adobe software into his math and science classes. He later worked as a technology consultant serving numerous school districts throughout Texas. Scott has spent the last couple of years traveling around the country presenting on “all things Adobe” at various conferences and educational institutions and is a self-proclaimed “Adobe-holic”.

Felix.jpgFelix Goh
Education Specialist,
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Southeast Asia

Felix joined Adobe in June 2009 as an Education Specialist/SE for the Southeast Asia region. His product knowledge and areas of specialization include Adobe’s Creative solutions, as well as in the communication and collaboration solutions like Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Connect. He brings with him several years of hands-on experience in the training and software industry as a Training Manager for the Adobe Creative Suite software. He taught these useful digital media skills to school students in Singapore and sparked them to make use of Adobe’s technology in they’re studies. His current role at Adobe is to focus on Education segment customers, delivering product presentations and demos at key Education events in Southeast Asia region.

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  1. Peak says:

    […]He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Acrobat 8, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional 7, and Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software, and uses those tools to support his is current passion for eLearning.[…]

  2. Peak says:

    […]He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Acrobat 8, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional 7, and Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software, and uses those tools to support his is current passion for eLearning.[…]

  3. abd elrhman abdalla says:

    hi halo all of you ithanks you
    ineeded information in (plc)and(csc) porpgram ,terms,contan,knowledge
    because am in last eyer in university ineded skils.

  4. Hey Guys,
    I had no idea you were out here and I’m so happy I came across your blog.
    I’m an Adobe activist and E-learning specialist at Carnegie Mellon University. I also run an Adobe User Group, Pittsburgh Adobe E-Learning user group, it’s focus is on educational technology. We have a bunch of people from various university’s around pittsburgh and are either tech people of Instructional Designers.
    …Anyway just wanted to say Hey! and I’ll be passing your blog site out to my group. Because I don’t think too many people know your out here in the blogosphere.
    Again, it was so cool to run across your site.
    — Robert’s Reply —
    Thanks, David! We are relatively new to the Adobe blog scene, so we don’t have a lot of links pointing to us yet. That will soon change, and we should be much easier to find. It looks like our local man, Tim, has contacted you already. Let him know if he can help out.
    Thanks for sharing the link with your friends. Look for more awesome education content here soon.

  5. keith says:

    I’m an organizer for a PS user group in Los Angeles & an instructor.
    — Robert’s Reply —
    Welcome, thanks for visiting our blog.

  6. Ammar Midani says:

    Great to learn about you guys, nice photo Rick.

  7. Angela Cisternino says:

    I am very interested in getting my school into this software. The workshop sparked my interest. Where is the best place to start?