Adobe Acrobat 9 for Education eSeminar Series


The Adobe Education SE Team hosted a series of education-focused sessions covering various Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and Pro Extended features and workflows. If you missed the live sessions or want to see them again, take a look at the recordings listed below:

3 Responses to Adobe Acrobat 9 for Education eSeminar Series

  1. Wil says:

    Is there any way for students to get a free educational license for Acrobat (or at least do something with Acrobat Reader)? At least just enough for us to be able to annotate PDFs.
    I find it annoying that PDFs would have to be signed to be annotatable and most, if not all PDFs offered by online journals (like ACM Digital Library, JStor, etc.) are not “signed”. So I would have to resort to other readers just to be able to annotate the PDFs or read up the PDF format specification and “hack” the PDF file myself to enable annotation.
    We make it affordable for schools and school districts to put Adobe software into the hands of faculty and students. Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro can be attained at a significant discount under a CLP agreement (contact your local education reseller) by itself, as a component of the Adobe Digital School Collection, or as a component of an Adobe Creative Suite 4 K-12 school site license.
    As for enabling students to annotate PDF files using the free Adobe Reader 9, that is also a possibility. The “right” to annotate a PDF is determined by the author who can (with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro) choose Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader from the menu bar. If you are not the author and perhaps want to enable annotation for a PDF file you’ve downloaded from the Web, you can do so after the fact provided the file doesn’t have security settings applied to prevent you from doing so.
    Patrick Koster

  2. Mohammad says:

    dear sir
    We are Puershased The Acrobat Reader9 Pro
    But I Cant Found Annotation Tag … Beacouse I Have Smart Screen And Free Handle Write .
    But I Cant Save All Annotation On The PDF FILE
    Please Help Me As Possible As

  3. Paul Meunier says:

    Message to Patrick Koster – Patrick – In yesterday’s workshop on Premiere Elements you mentioned a book on learning with “The Mind” in the title. Could you repeat the name of the book? It had to do with moving from the Information Age to a creative age.