Teacher’s Pet – A List of Affordable and Free Adobe Tools Training

A “Teacher’s Pet” has always been defined as a pupil who is perceived to be favored by the teacher. My take on this old school concept is there’s a new teacher’s pet definision out there these days and it has nothing to do with an educator’s students at all. For my Adobe Education Technologies Blog post for today read on and learn all about the new Teacher’s Pet – Affordable and free Adobe tools training!

The number one request I receive from educators after they sit through one of my hands on trainings, Adobe Connect webinars or meeting face to face after I demonstrate our products at an education trade show is, “Richard, where can I obtain affordable and easy to learn training on Adobe’s tools!?” My consistent answer, “Online, of course!”
Now if you’re like me the world of online training offerings I’ve experienced over the years has been pretty darn poor and downright frustrating: small grainy screen captured videos, awful sound quality that constantly drops out, no way to pause or rewind the videos during viewing, and oddball convoluted pricing or subscriptions that take a corporate mergers and acquisitions contracts attorney to figure out! Even worse content offered that was woefully out of date.
And let us not forget those super boring monotone robotic presenter voices that sounded a lot like those Apple Computer speech recognition default voices, Fred or Deranged! Many of the presenter’s titles I’ve sat through frankly have put me to sleep, even when they were presenting a very cool Adobe tool like Flash.
Thankfully online training offerings have come a long, long way over the last few years. In fact a few of these companies and their wonderful offerings are not only the cat’s meow with educators now, they’re also the new Teacher’s Pet as well!
I’ve heard back from many educators over the last few months that I referred to several of these online training companies after they attended one of my very own trainings; many of the teachers I heard from simply couldn’t stop raving about their great experiences with them, how much they learned and the great price they obtained by subscribing with one (educational pricing).
One educator told me she chucked an expensive two day Flash intensive at a hotel a long way from her school; not to mention the cost of gas, lodgings, meals and more after signing up with an online training provider. She was also very pleased she got access to dozens of other Adobe tool training titles besides just Flash as part of the training providers online library of Adobe tools titles.
The feedback I’ve heard has been so positive lately from educators that I thought I’d share with you a list of some of my top picks of online training companies that I’m currently aware of that do a great job delivering top notch Adobe tool training at an affordable price and some offerings that are even free!
First do note there are most likely many additional online training companies out there that I’m not aware of. If you have had a good experience with any, please let me know about them by commenting here on the blog. I’ll check them out in the near future and add them to my list (see below).
My intention here by creating this list is to not favor any one company, simply to share with you my personal favorites that I think do an outstanding job and offer a good value. There was however some criteria I used to filter out some companies from this list. All of the training providers listed here had to have education pricing or multi-user discounts. They had to offer the latest versions of Adobe software tools (CS4 or the latest Adobe Elements tools) or are about to release CS4 or Element titles in the next couple of weeks.
Not included in my list are the hundreds of fantastic Audio and Video podcast out there on Adobe tools and technologies, Terry White’s Creative Suite Podcast as one good example. I’ll be posting a separate list of excellent Adobe tools podcast in a near future Adobe Education Technologies Blog post.
Richard’s Favorite Adobe Tools Online Training Provdiers (in alphabetical order)
Adobe Online Events (Free)
Adobe eSeminars (Free)
Adobe OnDemand Seminars (Free)
Adobe TV (Free)
Atomic Learning
Keystone Learning
Lynda.com (first few sample chapters are free)
Peach Pit Press
Scott Kelby Training
Total Training
Virtual Training Company (Several chapters are free)
I encourage you to check out some if not all of these training providers and their excellent training offerings on Adobe tools. Let me know if any of them become your Teacher’s Pet! 😉
Richard John Jenkins

10 Responses to Teacher’s Pet – A List of Affordable and Free Adobe Tools Training

  1. Hi Richard,
    Great post- thanks for advocating on-line training opportunities and the mnay advantages they offer. My company (WindJack Solutions) has recently introduced a new (and the only one available on the subject) subscription site for Acrobat and PDF scripting- http://www.pdfscripting.com. One big differences with our site over many others you mention is that in addition to a comprehensive set of training videos, we also provide downloadable sample files, a library of example scripts members can copy/paste, and Acrobat automation tools built with JavaScript. Our goal is to provide resources in ways that will help learners gain skills in Acrobat scripting in a variety of ways.
    Please review our site when you get a chance. We would be thrilled if you found it worthy of being added to your excellent list!
    Best regards,
    Dimitri Munkirs
    WindJack Solutions

  2. keith says:

    I concur. All of the above! Been to ’em all, except keystone.
    Total training, Lynda.com, Kelby, xTrain & vtc host a variety of Adobe gurus & they all offer free samples.
    Adobe has some great tutorials to offer and all for the amazingly low price of FREE.
    Oops, O’Reilly!
    In addition to lots Adobe books they have e-seminars with their authors which are excellent!

  3. Ammar Midani says:

    Thanks for the insight & thoughts Richard.
    For me and I think many teachers out there who suffer from bad internet connection in their countries, online seminars are still ahead. I have a lot of access to eSeminars but just can’t see them, how about that? while as you mentioned downloadable podcasts, are doing a great job specially from Adobe’s gurus.
    I highly admire Lynda & Total training, though one thing that worries me in their titles is the instructor voice, tone and talking speed; this is very critical for non-English natives. Another thing is the excerise files. Also an instructor could come out with a stunning and interesting set of class files or just the opposite, class files drive to or away from the learning session in such media.

  4. Hi, good list, but a long time my favorite of mine is missing!
    Peter, I was not aware of this site! Thanks. I will review it more and most likely add to the list (took a quick first look just now).
    Richard Jenkins

  5. Ronald S. San Jose says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the informative post. My 11 yr old son learned how to use Flash during his past 2 summer camps. Do you know where I can buy an affordable student version of Adobe Flash CS4? I checked around and it seems like education discounts are only given to institutions post-high school. Are there any editions available for those in middle-school and above?
    Watch the Adobe home page for big news about this in less than a month.

  6. Ronald S. San Jose says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the informative post. My 11 yr old son learned how to use Flash during his past 2 summer camps. Do you know where I can buy an affordable student version of Adobe Flash CS4? I checked around and it seems like education discounts are only given to institutions post-high school. Are there any editions available for those in middle-school and above?
    Good news! Adobe will be making an announcement about special student versions (K12) in less than a month; watch for it on Adobe’s home page.

  7. Thank you for the comprehensive link of tools, but I suggest you adding http://www.standardstoolbox.com to the list since it contains a lot of quality, free tools for teachers.

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  10. Great link of tools. I appreciate this!