Who uses AIR and how?

If you have heard of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (aka AIR), but wondered what it might be good for, then you are probably not alone. Instead of going on about it, I thought an eLearning example might help. In fact, an award-winning example might help even more, so I am going to send you from the Adobe Education Technologies blog over to my good freind RJ Jacquez’ blog. A Captivate presentation on the AIR application itself is also available. It takes a moment to load, but it is worth the wait.

Keep in mind that here at Adobe we have a number of really useful blogs out there, ours the best, though, so keep on coming back.

2 Responses to Who uses AIR and how?

  1. Efriel Elyasa says:

    i think adobe air will dominate web and give many idea for web developer.

  2. Will Hawkins says:

    Adobe AIR is a great development from Adobe. I use the ‘Google Analytics Reporting Suite’ and it is very good way of making the web data more accessible than purely accessing the ‘Analytics’ web site. We, as a business, will be developing far more applications using this technology for our customers in the future.
    [Tim’s comment: Thanks for sharing this. More and more, we are seeing AIR become a way for business to represent data in a consumable way]