Creating Easy to Make and Share Photo/Web Galleries!

When it comes to creating and sharing your personal or professional digital photo creations with the world there is no better tool or place to do so than with an Adobe tool or Adobe web based service. In this post on the Adobe Education Technologies Blog I’ll cover some of our easy to use tools to get you started!

In fact, there is no shortage of creating professional looking and unique web and even Acrobat PDF based photo galleries either: Adobe Bridge, Dreamweaver, Photoshop (with an optional plug -in), Photoshop Elements 7, Lightroom, Flash (with over seventy examples on the Adobe Flash Exchange), and Adobe’s terrific new web based service, (formally all have great built-in or optional web/photo galleries that are super easy to create and share with your world.
Each of the tools mentioned above outputs to the web in some fashion. Of note Photoshop Elements 7 even has an album template that shows where photos were taken on Yahoo Maps which includes multiple thumbnails of your pictures on the maps.
New kid on the block ( will even upload the images you take on popular cell phones to in just under thirty seconds. also contains a slew of cool and easy to use image editing tools too.
Adobe Bridge’s unique “Output to PDF” even lets you share your photo album creations within an Acrobat PDF which can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader. You can even add a watermark, password to protect your PDF photo album to open it, or allow printing or not.
For the most part all of the tools above contain built in templates, styles, gallery titles, optional captions, customizable color schemes, appearances and sizes of thumbnails, slide durations, transitions and effects for slide shows. A few allow the inclusion of Meta data (such as adding a copyright notice) and export to either HTML, Flash or even as an Acrobat PDF. You can save your albums directly to disk and some tools allow uploading to your very own web server; all you need is your FTP server name, User Name and Password.
Do I have a personal favorite? For years I have loved Dreamweaver’s Create Web Photo Album. It has always amazed me that Dreamweaver (working in conjunction with Fireworks) can create all this HTML code, navigation, links, image thumbnails and full size images in less than a minute! Lately I’m really enjoying Bridge’s easy to use Output to Web or Acrobat PDF feature. I’ve also become a big fan of and its many cool features. Frankly I’d be hard pressed to pick just one!
Give these tools a test drive if you can and let me know here on the Adobe Education Technologies Blog if you favor one over any of the others and why. I’ll be happy to post your comments here on the blog for any good input or critiques into our Photo/Web Gallery creation tools!
Richard John Jenkins

One Response to Creating Easy to Make and Share Photo/Web Galleries!

  1. ChrisR says:

    The Output/Web Gallery function in Bridge is great. However, the developers seemed to make a large oversight in that they failed to add an option that allows you to add a navigation button on the web gallery to navigate to another site, like your homepage. Is there any way to add a navigation button to the site in Dreamweaver? I’ve tried everything I can think of, but the web gallery output calls up xml pages to handle the flash material, and I don’t know how to script in XML.
    Good point. I’ll look into this and post here.
    Thanks for you insightful comment!